UH Manoa GEPN Cohort 2017

  1. I know I'm extremely early for this discussion but I'm considering on applying for the UH Manoa GEPN program for Fall 2017 (applications submission starts Sept 2016).

    Anyone out there considering on applying next year also? If so what educational background/field of work are you coming from?

    for existing mepn/gepn student section, do you have any advice for future applicants?
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  3. by   ECS84
    Hello aab7! I'm planning to apply for Fall 2017. I'm in the pre-req stage looking for transferable classes. I have my undergrad in business administration with a minor in healthcare administration and a MBA.
  4. by   aposseadesse
    Hi there! I'm thinking of applying - waiting to hear back on my first round applications. I have a B.S. in Environmental Management. I think I have ll of the prereqs coveted except for the research course.
  5. by   GreenTeaIceCream
    I'm also thinking of applying - just working on getting all of my prerequisite classes now My undergraduate degree is in Linguistics with a foreign language minor, so it's a big change for me.
  6. by   runsonveggies
    Hello, I'm applying for the 2017 GEPN at UH. I'm currently living on The Big Island but will move once I get accepted. Currently I'm taking the prerequisites. I should be done with them around the first of the year.

    I'm coming from a B.s. in Information Systems. I have been an IT manager for 15 years. I've wanted to do this for a long time. Also my wife has been a nurse for 10 years. I'm so excited to get started in this program. Aloha
  7. by   kateenschnarf
    Application time coming up! Very exciting! I'm in the prerequisite stage too. Have taken them before but it's been more than 4 years so I'm retaking them right now. I'm a respiratory therapist at a local hospital and am looking to become an FNP. The competition sounds fierce this year -- looks like the cohort is going to be really strong. Good luck everybody!
  8. by   jreynad
    Hello everyone, I am also applying to the GEPN in Sept. I just finished taking the required research course, (SOC 300). I look forward to applying! I have a BFA in Photography and all prerequisites complete.
  9. by   Future808RN
    Dying to know what everyone's GPA is? Is the expected GPA as high as the BSN programs?
  10. by   lemon808
    Aloha! Applications just opened up today! I have my BA in Biology and just need the required research course to finish the prerequisites. Where is everyone else coming from? Good luck to all.
  11. by   Skeptrix
    Hi everyone, I submitted my app and just waiting on one more transcript to be sent in. I have a BA in Biology and from Hawaii. Planning to go into the AGCNS route. Goodluck to everyone and hope we all get in!
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  12. by   kala402
    Hello everyone! I am apply to for the program as well. I have a bachelors in Health Education, emphasis in Community-based Public Health.
  13. by   momimahalo
    Aloha, I'm planning to apply to the 2017 cohort. I am a graduate of UH Manoa with a degree in political science. I currently work in medical office administration. I am done with the pre-requisite courses except for research methods. Since I live on Maui, this one is a challenge to complete because the only distance options are through UHWO and Manoa distance ed = very expensive!!

    I haven't started the registration process yet...does anyone know if an essay/personal statement is required for UHM graduate admissions?
  14. by   lemon808
    Yes, an essay is required. I just need to turn in my essay but making sure it is perfect before I send it in!