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Hey guys I applied for the Fall 2018 ADN Nursing program at KCC. I wanted to know who else applied and for those that already got in to the program, what were your stats/qualifications? My stats... Read More

  1. by   Riveeezpoo
    or just who doesn't complete the overall steps leading up to the start of the semester.
  2. by   akawata
    hey guys I got accepted!
  3. by   Riveeezpoo
    congrats akawata
  4. by   akawata
    Thank you! I'll see you guys at orientation!
  5. by   nnoguchi
    Do you guys have a deadline for the acceptance forms?
  6. by   jules_mcd
    Hey, I have some great news! I just spoke with Wes today, and looks like there won't be much time between the ADN and BSN program after all. After we graduate in May 2020, we'd use the summer to take the NCLEX and an ADN to BSN bridge course, then start the one-year BSN program through UHM right away in August 2020. Essentially, both programs (ADN at KCC/bridge to BSN at UH and direct BSN through UH) would take 3 years or 6 semesters from start to finish. Since I'd end up with a BSN by May 2021 through either program, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with KCC in order to save a whole lot of money.
  7. by   jules_mcd
    Oh - there's just one caveat: we have to be sure to apply for the UHM BSN program by the deadline of 1/5/2020 and maintain a 3.0 GPA. Not bad!
  8. by   Riveeezpoo
    the deadline is April 6th
  9. by   Riveeezpoo
    that sounds good, i'll probably look into other adn to bsn programs as well because in two years granted that i make it through nursing school, i may want to move from the island; however, thanks for the info, it's good that our acceptance lines up with the bridge program to take a certain class during the summer so no time is necessarily lost
  10. by   jules_mcd
    Keep in mind that the UHM bridge program is online, so you might be to do the entire thing remotely!
  11. by   jules_mcd
    Congrats @akawata! See you at orientation!

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