HELP! Filling Out UH MANOA Nursing App

  1. If someone could help clarify something for me? I called UH Manoa Nursing Dept to ask about their application for the Fall2010 (and after) nursing program, but no one has called back yet.

    I know the application asks for a copy of the NLN scores.

    So I was wondering, does that mean...

    - make a zerox copy of the one original score sheet I received from NLN and hand it in with our application?
    - request an official copy of our report from NLN and have it sent to UH Manoa?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   worf
    Sorry, I'm not sure. But to be on the safe side, you could do both. You can submit a "copy" and also request the NLN to send an official copy to the school. Good luck with your application. The waiting game is the worst!
    The office is probably busy helping this years new students, they have orientation this week as well as a ceremony. I am sure they will return your call shortly. Or, better yet, you can always go into the campus and request in person. There is visitor parking located right next to the school.
  4. by   Lisa From Maui
    I took the NLN at Maui Community College. On the day of the exam, the person giving the test told us - to tell the computer - to send a copy to Maui Comm Coll, which is where I wanted to go to nursing school.

    A few days after I took the exam, the NLN company sent my scores to MCC.

    My suggestion is YES
    make a zerox copy of the one original score sheet you received from NLN and hand it in with your application
    That way, the person looking at the app knows you took it, and knows what scores you got.

    Call 2 weeks later, or visit the office, and ask them if they got your application & if they need official scores.

    Hope that helps.
  5. by   oreo29
    Hello hikari808,

    Well what I did was that I had my official NLN scores mailed to UHM when you sign up for your NLN test date and I also printed my scores online from the NLN website and submitted that along with my application. I went to advising to double check if that was fine and they said yes. More importantly, I went to Webster 201 and actually handed in my application in an envelope. But that didn't matter since they opened it in front of me and said I was good to go.
    I'm still nervous about it! But, good luck to you! Let me know if you hear anything from them!
  6. by   hikari808
    Thanks everyone!

    Oreo29: Yes, my friend and I are planning to hand deliver the app to them. I am not sure about my other friend though. But sure! Ill let you know if I or my two other friends hear anything from them let me know too! The waiting for a reply is going to be so suspensful! haha. but, Good luck to you too!
  7. by   mcubed45
    UHM does NOT require the scores to be sent directly to them from the NLN. KCC DOES. if you had your scores sent to someplace other than UHM when you took the exam, don't waste your money requesting them (i think it's $50 for each additional school).

    Make a copy and bring in your original to the nursing office. They'll take the copy, check your original, verify, and initial your copy to indicate that it's been verified. I'm not sure what their policy is if you're sending in a copy from a neighbor island. I don't think you'd want to send in your original b/c you won't get it back.

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