Endorsing Hawaii License to Nevada

  1. Good Morning Everyone!

    just wanted to ask if anyone of you tried to endorse their license to nevada?

    i'm a graduate from Philippines and recently passed my Hawaii Nclex-RN and trying to endorse my license to Nevada cause my family lives in California so I'll be closer to them. I saw on the website of Nevada that they require toefl for international students but I've been here for almost 4 years and currently working in a customer service field so for 4 years I've been using english as my mode of communication with customers. So, I just wanted to ask if anyone of you were asked to take toefl exam eventhough you've been in the United States for 4 years?

    please let me know. I just want to know if I should just take the toefl Asap cause I can't wait any longer to just wait what Nevada board of nursing woukd tell me.
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  3. by   steppybay
    Your best bet is to submit your application to the NV BON and let them make that final decision for you. There are cases whereby some were asked to take the proficiency exam and others got it waived (for whatever reasons). Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis, so what worked for one applicant maybe not for another.

    If they require it then your options are either to appeal your case and hope and pray it will go your way or if not, simply go ahead and meet the requirements and be done with it. It's really that simple, no more second guessing.
  4. by   pidgz
    hi hawaii RN here from philippines too...according to my friends, actually two of them who are based from nevada now but originally from cali took different paths, they needed to move to NV d/t concurrency issues, my one friend got denied from BON cali, so she has to move to NV bc she doesn't want to take MS and OB classes again (u know the burden, can't blame lol) BON NV required her to do the evaluation by CGFNS and toefl which took her long time until now (still on the process). my other friend who happened to be my batchmate didn't waste his time either in applying to BON cali and part of it is d/t my influence/advices since i took nclex here in hawaii and process everything a year ahead of him, i advised him to apply here for now since requirements doesn't entail so much and so he can take the exam right away (he's sched'd to take his nclex this month btw). I and him checked the endorsement process from HI to NV and same requirements is being asked, that he is required to take toefl regardless his status as citizen. But i also read this one article but can't remember what site specifically that is. it says in there that you can only be exempted in taking toefl if you already have 5 yrs of RN experience working here in the US (applies to those states that doesn't require toefl like HI for instance). hope this helps.
  5. by   rosyrose22
    hi pidz, just a question--how was the endorsement process from hawaii to nevada after submitting all requirements? was it pretty easy and fast as long as you have all the requirements like english test (toefl or pte)? let me know