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Having a spat at school!!!!

O.K This is long:

I need to vent and by all means give me feedback. Here goes. I am in my first semester of NS I live in biloxi things are hectic and the students had to be moved to another area for accomodation. Well where we are is not a very good place because there are 36 students and there are some in the back that can't hear very well unless the teacher is speaking loudly which is understandable...But here goes There are a couple of students in the back that talk all the time and quite frankly I think this is disrespectful not only to the teachers but to other students as well. They will sit in the back and talk while everyone else is up front discussing whatever the topic is and meanwhile several people would have asked questions about the topic and have it answered while they are in the back conversating. And after we would have moved on to another topic one girl in particular always ask about the same question we would have just gone over in detail. This burns my arse:angryfire I made a comment to one of them that they need to tone it down in the back because it is disrespectful and it waste class time having to repeat everything but I stated that we up front really only hear one person because she is very loud!! Well today same thing happened and just so happens one girl dropped out yesterday & a seat was available well the teacher told her to move up front she still whined and complained and in unison several people told her to move up front!!!! But she didn't want to move from her click. So we were put on break and she comes over to me really nasty talking about I hear you were talking about me bla bla bla say it to my face bla bla bla. It irked me to death...It ended up being a screaming match. Number one she came to me and accused me of something that was not true and two she singled me out!!!! We are all frustrated with traffic and school and just life after the storm but geesh. I am 27 w/3 kids and quite frankly I think it is childish and don't need it. I have to keep reminding myself that half of these girls are a year or so out of high school and most are still childish :angryfire O.K I feel better now:rolleyes:

Thanks for listening

S.N. Visit, BSN, RN

Has 8 years experience. Specializes in Home Health Care.

Wow, I feel bad for you and anyone else who has to experience rude classmates. It's a shame the instuctor didn't step and say something to the offenders before you had too. Best wishes for better days :)

Daytonite, BSN, RN

Has 40 years experience. Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt.

It's never pleasant to be in tight quarters, is it? Make it 36 women and--look out! I'm glad you feel better after venting, but I want to point out that the reason this has stayed on your mind is because you are most likely not happy with the way things went. Can you think of anything you would have done differently today?

Here is my feedback for you since you did ask. This person was childish, for sure. It's OK to be irked by her, but you lost your cool when she confronted you. Just because a person confronts you doesn't mean they are right. I get this from time to time as a manager and supervisor. Some people will fight to the death for something they think is right, even if they are dead wrong. What this young lady did was a very neat job of assisting you to lose your temper in front of a bunch of your peers. In her mind, she won a game of one-upmanship with you. This was very simply a power trip on her part and she sucked you into it as an unwitting participant at your expense. I think that you, perhaps, subconscioiusly recognize that and it's bugging you to death. Many years ago as a new supervisor I had to learn to curb my anger. Remember that sticks and stones can break your bones. . .I also remember something an old boss told me years before I went into nursing. It's kind of homespun philosophy, but I like it. It goes "a hundred years from today, no one is going to care about or know what went on today between you and this youngster". In that context, the accusations made by this young woman are really insignificant. Five years from now when you are a busy unit nurse you may remember today's incident because of the emotional response you got from it, but you will also recognize that it was not all that important and hardly worth the effort you put into it. My advice, next time, just stand there politely and let her rave at you and then quietly say, "I'm sorry you feel that way, but you've got it all figured out wrong", and then walk away. By arguing back you are only giving her more ammunition to throw at you in the future. She was having a tantrum is all. You treat it the same way you would if a little kid was doing it. So, the next time she comes after you, and I suspect she will, recognize that she's on a power trip and just ignore her. Don't let her suck you in to her game. We are not born with the gene to handle people like this. It is a learned skill.

You are exactly right...That is why it is bothering me. I feel that I looked like a complete idiot because I did stoop to her level and react to something so childish. She is an attention seeking female and she really got all the attention that she wanted today :rolleyes: But hey it was a lesson learned and one of the professors said that we should have a microphone tomorrow so hopefully the problem will be solved

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