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Having a hard time with overseas nursing school..


I am studying abroad, in a country where they don't teach in english, I feel as if the education for nursing is really weak because we only study by book, which we forget so quickly, & we don't study by practice. (i.e. examining autopsies, seeing how things are done) But I cannot hate, because the language they study in is quite difficult to understand, so it might be easier for the students of that country. I'm actually studying on my own by finding things on the computer, such as anatomy and etc..but you can't find everything you need for studying like that, it's not the same. What can I do to study nursing, especially for my NCLEX exam?

I cannot turn back or change schools, and i want to make the best of it here. There is a way for me to study, because back when medical and nursing wasn't known, people still were able to study and learn without any of the tools we have today. Fellow nurses, please guide me in what i should so, what I should study,

Much of my education was classroom based until I started clinicals about 1/2 to 2/3 into it which is where we started our labs and hands on education, this came later in the education however. Anatomy was 100% book and memorization for me.

How far along in your education are you? What country?

Invest in texts and study guides written in English that are intended for students in American nursing programs to supplement your current material.

I am in the first year, the country is Armenia. It's wrong to say that it's weak here, because the students who learn here do it well, but I do get frustrated because I can't comprehend the terminology they're using.

What Caliotter said. The bottom line is that you have to pass the NCLEX-RN, which most definitely was NOT taken by graduates "back when medical and nursing wasn't known". You will be expected to know everything that an entry-level beginner nurse will know after being educated in the USA.

Good luck, it won't be easy. :(


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OK, for one example:

go here:

Traditional BSN Program | University of Michigan-Flint

(it is traditional BSN program in University of Michigan/Flint, MI). Write down or print courses' numbers.

then go here:


find books necessary for courses. Find someone here in States who will buy these books for you and send them in Armenia. Amazon is usually cheaper. Same story with NCLEX materials; there are whole plenty of them here; as you won't be exposed to NCLEX-style questions through school, you'll need some 5 to 10 thousands of questions, especially if you never was exposed to such testing before.

Then just start reading and doing questions.

Good thing is you probably can just forget about this Armenian school as long as you graduate from there with you diploma. What they are teaching there has little to nothing to do with what nursing is in the USA (my educated guess, but I am quite familiar with what is going on in nursing education in Russia now, and I am pretty much sure that the level of it should be very close). If you are going to work here in the USA, 90% of the knowledge they are going to give you worths very little in terms of NCLEX. You'll need your diploma, though, in order to be able to qualify for NCLEX here, so do what you have to do to graduate.