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Have any of you that are working ever had a resident that was 100 or older?

marsqueen marsqueen (Member)

I keep seeing stories about people that are celebrating their 100th or 102nd birthday, or somewhere around there, and was curious if it is becoming more common for people to live that long?

When I was a CNA in a LTC facility years ago, I had a 103 y/o resident. He was a spry lil old man who would still try to pinch nurses' butts as they walked past his wheelchair!

Ive taken care of quite a few people who were 100 plus(maybe its something in the water here). When I worked in LTC we had a couple of pretty spry ones who were my favorites. If my experience was any indication having a sense of humor helps you live longer because some of them were real characters. They didnt always know where they were or what the date was(or even who they were talking to), but they still had some amusing stories, or would have conversations with people who probably died decades ago that were interesting to listen to.

A couple.

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loriangel14, RN

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I have had several in the hospital that were over 100 and still pretty lively. One lady was 106.Her 85 year old daughter came to the hospital one day and approached the nursing station.A nurse didn't know who she was and asked her if she needed help. She replied " yes, I'm looking for my mother".The nurse said " oh my dear, I don't think your mother's here".We had to tell her the little lady wasn't confused and her mother was indeed there.

The oldest lady I've cared for was 109. She was 6 months short of being 110 when she died. She didn't enter the facility until she was 106 and she was still walking at admittance. Even at 109, she could cuss you out six ways to Sunday.