Have any of the SRJC students learned of acceptance?

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I'm not applying this year but next and am waiting to hear if everyone has heard the news.


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Yes, I found out by email on May 26th that I was not accepted :( It was the only school I applied to, too.. I'm so stupid! There were over 400 applicants and only 60 spots for fall and 60 for spring. Bummer :crying2:

"Dear Applicant to the ADN Program,

Your application was evaluated and was found to meet the admission criteria for our program. However, there were more applicants than we had openings and when the random numbers were applied, you were not selected for admission for Fall 2009 or Spring 2010 semesters. We do admit some students on the alternate list when students who were accepted decline so please make sure that [we] alway have your current email and phone numbers through January 18, 2010 since we sometimes must admit students very quickly.

We are very sorry that you were not accepted but we had significant numbers of applicants this year and we do not have enough spaces for everyone. We encourage you to apply again next year."


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OH what a bummer! I'm so sorry. I guess I'll apply to Ukiah and Napa. The lady in Ukiah was so nice. She said there is never a Friday commitment or Sat/Sun. Other than studying of course. M-F would vary but could be 1/2 or whole days depending on what semester. They only accept 18. I am going to go the Napa orientation to see what their program is about and pick up the application. You can only get an app after attending an orientation. Both of those would be highly inconvenient to me but I don't want to just apply to SRJC. So sorry you didn't get in.

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I'll be applying this fall... I wonder how many more will be applying this year. I heard from some folks that much fewer local SRJC students were accepted due to all the impact from outside areas. Nursing school has become crazy!

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Yeah I'm applying to SRJC for next fall/spring (I'm currently a student there) and it is just ridiculous. I have about 7 other schools I'm applying to as well, so lets hope I get some luck somewhere.

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Good job.. It looks like age is on your side! Just take more classes as you wait it out and you'll be good to go! I just met a guy who got his BSN at 52 so I shouldn't be too worried... Let's keep our fingers crossed together!


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I also applied to SRJC ADN and was accepted for Spring 2010. Our class is really small - maybe 30 students or less even. We were told that health care workers are finally being laid off and that graduates are having a very difficult time finding work locally.

I know how it feels to anticipate getting in and not applying anywhere else. That was me last year. Stick with it and keep taking classes. Medical Terminology isn't required, but it will certainly help. Also, the CNA program is a great way to gain insight on patient care and health care in general.

Good luck to you all!

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