Have to leave my town on sort of an urgent basis, is this a good option?

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Hi everyone,

I used to belong to the site years ago but have been inactive for a while. Anyhow, it's nice to be back. Ugh, I am really confused about what to do. Last three years I have been in psych/forensics but actually in the spring had my own experience with DV and had to stop working. Been in and out of court and finally got an Injunction for 2 years and the police seized my ex's firearms, but, as we see in many cases, the restraining order has only enraged and motivated him. The judge entered the order on June 17 and he violated the order on July 1. He was arrested this week and released, but I left town temporarily for fear of retribution. Anyhow...the police told me I need to consider moving or getting a concealed weapons permit. I dont want a gun. I have a 4 year old child in the house. Anyhow, would travel nursing be a good way to keep income coming in while trying to find a new place to live? Does it work with having a small child? Are there agencies that allow pets? Sorry for the barage of questions and long post. p.s. I am thinking Orlando but I'm totally on my own--no family to help so any info would be greatly appreciated.


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As stated on other threads, travel nursing is slow right now. If you do it, realize that you may only get one contract lasting 8-13 weeks, then have a period of unemployment.

What ever you do, be safe. Get your 4 year old out of that mess.


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Thanks. I appreciate the reply (finally). My four year old has been out of state with relatives so as not to be exposed to the weekly stream of police at my house and because he kept insisting to have a 'relationship' with her even though he is not her father (creepy). But that was 3 months ago and she cannot stay away forever. The judge told him he has no rights to her and the restraining order covers her. Even if I get a short contract it might be worth it to let things cool off and check out a new place to live. Thanks again!

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congratulations on making the decision to end the violence and get your child out of the situation. i know from my own experience that it's one of the most difficult decisions you can make. good luck to you!

travel nurse assignments aren't as plentiful as they once were, and the jobs you may end up with aren't as desirable, but it would get you out of town and provide both a job and a place to live. once you're out of town, you can consider your options. i moved across the country, changed my name (both first and last) and warned my family/friends against giving him my contact information. it worked for me. i moved a few times, then i heard that he had remarried, divorced and was stalking her. it seems wrong to wish that sort of misery on someone else, but i was glad that i was off his radar.

leaving is the most difficult thing you can do and the most dangerous time for you. get out of town as quickly as you can. do whatever you have to do. then worry about your long-term plan.


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Thanks. I'm pretty scared. But I can't live looking over my shoulder.

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I would say go for it! Get out of the situation and get safe. Take an assignment and who knows you might be able to network in the area and you can get a permanent job. I know the agencies will not care about your child going with you. They set up housing for you just request a pet friendly place.

Good luck and Go for it! :clphnds:


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I agree- go! I also had to leave where I was as quickly as possible, but for different reasons. I cant imagine how you feel. I took an assignment- the first one that came along that was in a different state. While working that 13 weeks, I found a place to live and a job to start when that assignment was over. I didnt know that travel nursing was slow, its been 3 years since I moved. I get emails almost every day with offers. The good thing about shorter ( 8-13 week) contracts is that if you decide it isnt a place for you to settle, you can take another one in another state. I know I have recieved lots of email offers for contracts in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Louisiana. Go for it!

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