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For the soon-2-be grads, have you chosen your speciality in nursing yet? If so, why did you chose that area?

For students, do you know what field of nursing you would like to embark on when you graduate?


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I do not graduate until May 2003, but so far I am pretty gung-ho about mother/baby unit. I did not like L&D too much, but I really enjoyed my time spend with the new moms and babies. I still haven't done any critical care rotations....so my preference may change next year after I spend time in the ER/ICU/CCU, etc.



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I'm still working on my pre-req's but Labor & Delivery is what really made me think seriously about becoming a nurse. But I'm going to try to go into the program with no biases and experience everything openly. I'm glad we get to learn about several different areas of nursing...I've got so many interests!!! And I'm still not sure whether Labor & Deliver only interests me so much right now just because I'm in baby!!! HA HA HA!!! :rolleyes:



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I start in the Emergency Department May 28th!!

The reason I picked ED was that was the only area of nursing that interested me in the slightest. I graduate May 18th, so now I am just counting down the days until I am out of this town!

Well, I graduated in May 2003 and when I first started nursing school before even doing clinicals I thought Ok first choice and main interest in Pediatrics, 2nd Labor and delivery, 3rd Mother/baby, 4th ER. Well, I have been through Pediatrics clinical and I work at a pediatric hospital and I really love it. I love children. Now I just finished my OB rotation and I saw my first delivery yesterday, I cried when the baby came but I'll tell you Labor and delivery is DEFINTELY not for me and I give my hat off to all the Labor and delivery nurses for being able to do that. Now mother/baby that was a different story. I loved teaching the mothers about care for themselves and their new baby. It was amazing at how much I learned and how much I was able to teach to a new mom. I thought that was pretty cool and nice.

ER, I have never done a clinical in ER and it always interest me to watch ER, trauma and those type shows on T.V. and I know it is not even close to the real thing. I pretty much scratched ER off my list because I was told by a few people that I probably would not be a good fit for ER or Pysch because of my personality. I tend to be sensitive at times. I know how to be assertive when I want to though but some people feel that I would not be a good fit for those 2 areas so I will listen.

So it looks like Pediatrics or mother/baby.

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I have a ways to go before I decide, but as Bean said, Labor and Delivery is what made me want to be a nurse (well one of the reasons anyway!). I may change my mind once I experience a bit more, but so far that is what I have my ear tuned to. :)


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ED all the way!!!


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i graduate may 2003. i'm doing a year of ICU then it's off to CRNA school. nothing interests me but critical care. I'm even considering going to med school since i hate having to think nursing diagnosis rather than medical diagnosis. i don't think i was made to think like a true nurse.


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Just out of curiosity, why didn't you just start with med school?


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long story. i was on a full acedemic scholarship at university of south alabama. i was also one of 12 chosen for early admission to med school, meaning that if i graduated with a 3.5 gpa, i had a spot already set aside for me in med school. well, i ended up pulling a 0.0 for 3 quarters (was on quarters still back in '97). i had a hard time dealing with ending a 5 y/r relationship the first quarter. the second quarter i basically stayed drunk (result of the reason for first quarter). the third quarter, i tried going to school and working 70 hours a week and just finally gave up. anyways, i entered a junior college a year later. my brother was already in med school. he talked to me and helped me decide to not be a MD, but to take my second choice which is being a CRNA for about 10 years then being a professor teaching CRNAs. recently on an OR clinical, i had an anesthesiologist ask me what i was gonna do with my RN and i told hin CRNA. he replied that i needed to stop being lazy and wishing i was an MD and just go to school and do it. it kinda hit home and ever since i've been looking back into med school.

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