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Have any body tried kaplan one o one tutring ?


Plz I need advise I'm taking my test April 22nd and my Kaplan score are around 58% and Im not good at applying strategies and what guys think I should get help with them cuz I don't mind paying I just wana pass this test plz advise me ASAP thank you.

Well 58% is not bad...my lowest was a 47% on QT 4 and the rest I was 58-63% just focus on you weak areas and go over rationales...any help is good...

Thank you Bella I'm doing now ncsbn my score is around 57% and sometimes 65 and the lowest I got 33% on few but consistently I get 58 or 59 % I'm getting so scared and I don't what todo .

Ohhh I'm not sure with ncbsn...what the scores should be..but those were my scores in Kaplan..

Thank you so much Bella I'm taking my qtranier 6 today really hoping to get 60 to 65% then I will be confident I'm ready so let see I'm really crossing my fingers.

Ohhh ok lemme know!!! Yessss when I got a 63% on QT 7 I was happy and confident that I was gonna pass!!!

Taking mine in two days i am so nervous using Saunders & Nclex 4000 & my score is 75 - 85%. Hope to pass.

Bella I'm so sacred on the 6th I got 50% omg I'm crying so hard god help me plz.

Calm down and breathe...look over the rationales.and s

Sorry..press sent by accident..lol look at the areas where u were weak and watch the videos in Kaplan...u still have QT 7....study and take ur time...