Have anyone use the "Virtual ATI" program to prepare for NCLEX?


My school just provided for me "Virtual ATI" free to help me pass the NCLEX on the 1st attempt. Everyone at my school is taking Kaplan. Does anyone know how successful this program is, or do you recommend still paying for another program?


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Hi, I am from Texas and I am taking the ATI as a requirement to graduate from school.

On top of this ATI exam we must pass, we have been offered both Kaplan and Hurst review which is another NCLEX prep class I am going to take.

From what I can tell ATI is very difficult. I know many people in our nursing program are even worried about graduation but it's been great practice. We do practice tests at home, have proctored exams at school and then we will have our exit exam in about a month.

Any other questions about the ATI feel free to ask, and i'll answer them the best i can!


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I used ATI and passed with 75 questions. I used it throughout my schooling, I liked it. with virtual ATI sometimes you have to really be proactive, but that just depends on who you get as an instructor! I also just got a couple NCLEX review books and did a ton of questions. GOOD LUCK!


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Hi guys I am a June 08 lpn grad our program got started late with ATI. We didn't get it till after graduation. I used it for July took my NCLEX in August passed first time. Personally I loved ATI their question format is exactly how it comes on the NCLEX


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I used the virtual ATI program when I graduated because it to was offered free by my school. Many of my fellow classmates didnt like it too much because they felt it wasn't helpful but those same people were the ones who werent using the program consistently. Any program is only as good as how much work you're willing to put into it. I did virtual ATI as well as various nclex cd's just doing questions and I passed my boards at 75 q's. Good Luck


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I do not recommend virtual ATI for those people who need more than one thing to do in a day. The "coaches" are only required to log on to the program once per 24 hours. This is far less interaction/feedback/course work than you would receive in a classroom or with other online interactive NCLEX programs. This program is NOT interactive.


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I am currently using the ATI Virtual tutor. I find it helpful. I am also going to the ATI live 4-day NCLEX review starting June 1st. Every person that used the ATI virtual tutor from the previous semester passed the boards. Our school's pass rate for the NCLEX is 93%.


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I am using ATI is required by my school. I also have found helpful because I have an iPhone and they also have an app. that has all test questions. Pretty cool:smokin:


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What is this ATI program? I have never heard of it!


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Can anyone tell me how long it takes to complete the virtual ATI? I have to complete it before my school will allow to have my transcripts to take my boards.

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