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I've been a nurse for a year now, and I hate everything about it. I had major doubts about becoming a nurse while I was in school, but was convinced by family and professors to stick with it. I can honestly say that I do not feel as if there is any nursing job that would make me happy. I know there are many opportunities for experienced nurses in outpatient settings and in management and administration, but no job descriptions I have researched and read about interest me in the slightest. My current jobs make me very unhappy as I hate the politics, and have a very hard time dealing with the anxiety that comes with nursing. If any nurses have gone through something similar and left the field all together, I would love to know what career you moved on to. Any suggestions for jobs that accept a bachelors degree in any field would be welcome as well!

Substitute teach while going for teaching certificate to teach health class in high school? Where I am, all that is required to apply to substitute teach is a bachelor's. But if you hate the politics of nursing, I'm sure you'd hate the politics of our education system. I don't know. I may or may not be faced with the same situation if I get a certain letter from the BON soon. So if you think of something, let me know too.

Someone's left a great big list of jobs on another thread... Go check it out..

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Many colleges have a program where "if you have a 4 year degree in anything, you can get a master's in education in one year." My sister-n-law had a communications degree, but couldn't find a job. She went back for one year and obtained a master's in education and now teaches.

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Teach, health insurance, telephone triage nurse, referral processing is pretty cool, you work on the computer all day submitting and deciding on whether or not to approve referrals. Try clinical nursing, it's more like an office job. Dialysis nursing or tech, Medication Sales. Their are lots of career fields that accept nursing degrees. Even some social work positions will accept nursing degrees.

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