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Pizza is the way to my heart, I would have loved that doctor forever. In alabama, we too have a tendency to use sugar, honey, etc. so i would have taken " good lady " with a grain of salt, smiled, and ordered pizza. The doctor I work for usually buys the office lunch every friday for the week's hard work. I really appreciated that too.

awww c'mon everybody...when the good doctor said"good lady" he was just in a good mood. that is the problem with some of us...we get all bent out of shape if RESPECT isn't in every communication with ' the other side' ...heads up you all, it is not us against them !!!! we are all in this together. I think it was a sweet gesture from a tired doc who saw how tired his nurses are...I would take that anyday over...thank you Ms Nurse...you are soooooo professional.....

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