Has anyone taken the 3 pre-req courses (Patho, pharm, and concepts) at UTA?


I was wondering if anyone has taken the 3 pre-req courses at . They are patho NURS 3366 (3 hrs), pharm NURS 3365 (3 hrs), and concepts of professional nursing NURS 2240 (2 hrs) which is changing to introduction to professional nursing NURS 1335 (3 hrs) in the fall of 2009. Has anyone had Priddy, Thames, or Washington before? What should I be expecting?

Also, which do you think is harder? Patho or pharm? I understand they are not easy classes, but just wondering what others thought. I have heard mixed reviews...

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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i havent had Priddy, but ive heard stuff about the teacher. i heard that you dont need the book, just the APA manual, and she is boring, but not too hard.


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yeah your pretty much right prettyladie....boring she can be and sometimes interesting. Yeah and you didnt need the book for the 2hr class not sure about the 3 hr class


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yah, im not sure why they made it a 3 hr class. that sucks. I'm taking it this fall with patho. But, other people besides Priddy will be teaching it. The schedule says that Thames will teach intro for a class or two. This summer I'll take pharm online. Does anyone have an opinion on which is harder: pharm or patho?


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Is anyone taking pharmacology this summer at online? I am! Let me know if you are too. Maybe we could help eachother if we have questions. Thanks.

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