Has anyone graduated from ECPI Registered Nursing Program

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Has anyone graduated from ECPI's (Medical Career Institute) Associate or Bachelors in Registered Nursing Program in Virginia Beach or Newport News? Were you able to find work immediately? Did you feel that the instructors at ECPI were knowledgeable? Were the instructors on time for the hospital clinicals? Which campus is better Virginia Beach or Newport News? Do you know anyone that graduated from there? Were they confident about their learning experience?

I actually have the same question as you. And I would also like to know how hard it is to get into the program?

I noticed that only the LPN and Bachelors in registered nursing are accredited. The ASN nursing program is not. Everyone is talking about how the tuition goes up each time a new class begins.

Really? Where did you see this at? Because on their website http://www.ecpi.edu/admissions/acc.cfm it says that they are. Every one is talking about the tuition going up for the registered nursing program?

Specializes in Cardiac, Rehab.
really? where did you see this at? because on their website http://www.ecpi.edu/admissions/acc.cfm it says that they are. every one is talking about the tuition going up for the registered nursing program?

take anything you read on a programs website with a grain of salt. according to the nln this is what they are accredited for: (if there is another accrediting agency, then that is in addition to this, but the nln is the big dog)

ecpi college of technology - virginia beach: baccalaureate

medical careers institute

5501 greenwich road #303

virginia beach, va 23462

accreditation status:

year of initial accreditation: january 2009

continuing accreditation:

last evaluation visit: january 27-29, 2009

most recent action: july 2009

next evaluation visit: spring 2014


this is from the first page of the online catalog

http://students.ecpi.edu/catalog/versions/catalog.pdf. it mentions all the other medical programs are accredited but does not mention the associate of nursing in its listing. the admissions rep said that overall the whole school is accredited based on

http://www.sacscoc.org/details.asp?instid=28465 however, all the other health programs specifically say they are accredited but the associate of nursing program does not.


ecpi college of technology, established 1966, is an independent, private college offering

bachelor of science, associate of science, and associate of applied science degrees, and

diploma and certificate programs.


ecpi college of technology's primary mission is to provide quality collegiate education. the

college is committed to being a premier institution of higher education with an innovative,

student-centered learning environment. the curriculum is designed to foster inquiry, research,

analysis, and critical thinking. instruction is delivered in a variety of effective formats to

enhance student access to the college's educational programs and learning resources. the

college responds to the educational needs of the communities it serves through cooperative

efforts with students, faculty, alumni, businesses, organizations, professional associations,

and government. ecpi is dedicated to assisting graduates with career development and the

pursuit of lifelong learning.

college history

ecpi was founded in the commonwealth of virginia in february 1966 to meet the needs of

employers for well-prepared data processing specialists. at that time, the computer industry

was rapidly expanding, from large business and government, to applications more commonly

found in smaller businesses and local government. computer programmers, computer

operators, and support personnel were in demand and hard to find. initial students were high

school graduates seeking an entry-level career in computers or adult students seeking to

make a career change.

ecpi quickly established a reputation for providing high-quality instruction, in certificate or

diploma programs, while using industry standard equipment and teaching the computer

applications and software most in demand by employers. classes were small, and instructors

had industry experience, academic credentials, and teaching ability. successful student

outcomes, including high graduation rates and program-related employment, were considered

of primary importance. these values continue to serve the institution, its students, and


in subsequent years, program offerings expanded into electronics and computer technology,

and were followed by business, medical, and nursing programs. branch campus locations

began to be established in other cities. in 1990, the associate of applied science degree

became available in most program areas. more degrees have since been added including

associate of science and bachelor of science degrees. in 2006, a culinary arts program was

added at virginia beach that offers the associate of applied science degree.

throughout its history, ecpi has maintained a strong relationship with industry and

employers. program advisory boards regularly meet and provide valuable feedback regarding

employer needs and industry trends. this feedback often translates into curriculum revisions

that both add value and help to make ecpi programs effective.

page 15 january 2010



ecpi college of technology is accredited by the commission on colleges of the southern

association of colleges and schools to award the bachelor of science, associate of science,

associate of applied science degree. contact the commission on colleges at 1866 southern

lane, decatur, georgia 30033-4097 or call 404.679.4500 for questions about the

accreditation of ecpi college of technology.


ecpi college of technology in virginia beach, newport news, richmond, and northern

virginia, charlotte, greensboro and raleigh, north carolina, greenville, and charleston,

south carolina, has programmatic accreditation for medical assisting with the accrediting

bureau of health education schools (7777 leesburg pike, suite 314n, falls church, va

22043, 703.917.9503).

this bachelor of science nursing program is accredited by the national league for nursing

accrediting commission, inc., 3343 peachtree road ne suite 500, atlanta, georgia 30326.

the medical radiography program in newport news is accredited by the joint review

committee on education in radiologic technology (jrcert, 20 n. wacker drive, suite

2850, chicago, il 60606-3182; telephone 312.704.5300 fax 312.704.5304, e-mail is:

[email protected]). graduates qualify to sit for the national exam of the american registry of

radiologic technologists (arrt).

the physical therapist assistant program at medical careers institute, school of health

science, ecpi college of technology is accredited by the commission on accreditation in

physical therapy education (capte) of the american physical therapy association, 111

north fairfax street, alexandria, virginia 22314; telephone: 703.706.3245; email:

[email protected]; website: www.capteonline.org.

ecpi college of technology in northern virginia and richmond has programmatic

accreditation for surgical technology with the accrediting bureau of health education

schools (7777 leesburg pike, suite 314n, falls church, va 22043, 703-917-9503).

ecpi college of technology in raleigh, charlotte, and greensboro has been granted

approval for a practical nursing education program by the nc board of nursing.

the state board of nursing for south carolina has granted approval for a practical nursing

program at the greenville campus.

the southern association of colleges and schools commission on colleges is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the southern states. the commission's mission is the enhancement of educational quality throughout the region and it strives to improve the effectiveness of institutions by ensuring that institutions meet standards established by the higher education community that address the needs of society and students. it serves as the common denominator of shared values and practices among the diverse institutions in alabama, florida, georgia, kentucky, louisiana, mississippi, north carolina, south carolina, tennessee, texas, virginia and latin america and other international sites approved by the commission on colleges that award associate, baccalaureate, master's, or doctoral degrees. the commission also accepts applications from other international institutions of higher education.

national accreditation

national accreditation is not based on geography. national accreditation was designed to evaluate specific types of schools and colleges. for example, the [color=#606420]accrediting commission of career schools and colleges of technology (accsct) evaluates career schools and technology programs. the distance education and training council (detc) accredits colleges that offer distance education.

often, schools apply for national accreditation when their model of instruction or their course content is different from most "traditional" degree programs. regional accrediting agencies may not be able to compare a career school with a liberal arts college, because the modes of study are so dissimilar. to use an old expression, it would be like comparing apples and oranges. national accreditation allows nontraditional colleges (trade schools, religious schools, certain online schools) to be compared against similarly designed institutions. different standards and categories are measured, depending on the type of school in question.

i guess ecpi's registered nursing program would fall under http://www.accsc.org/content/accreditation/links/links.asp

Oh...the registered nurse program is 18 months and all inclusive. It includes all books, uniforms , and all supplies except paper and pencil. The admissions rep said that the cost is $40,000. I asked how the financial payment were awarded because some career schools bill you the whole cost at the first day of school regardless of the amount of classes taken. She told me I would need to speak with the financial aid department for more clarification. The next class start dates are in May 2011 and August 2011.

Okay thank you for the information @registerednursing. I am actually a student with ECPI currently in Greensboro, NC and am in the medical assisting program. I am moving to Virginia beach this summer and wanted to see if I could transfer from my program to the RN program. I couldnt take the Rn program in Nc bc they do not offer it. So I think that going this route will be quicker. I have a meeting with an admissions rep in virginia beach on april 1. She toldme then that I would be taking the Teas test as well. I am very nervous. I really want to get into the rn program.The august 2011 start date would be PERFECT for me! I wonder how full it is already though...I guess I will find out when I go...

Also are you thinking of trying to go in May or August?

If y'all have questions I can probably answer a lot of them. I am supposed to be starting in May. As far as I know it isn't just a first come first serve wait list program. They take 20 day students and 20 night students for each start date. They base admission off your TEAS, 3 letters of recommendation, an essay and an interview. The program is actually 16 months (if you have the 3 prerequisites which are intro to computers, chemistry, and college math or higher. If you don't have them you can take a one month course for each of them at ECPI and you are not charged for these courses as long as you go on to the nursing program). It used to be 15 months but they added another segment of med/surg. It is all inclusive as far as books and uniforms, but I believe the books are recycled, so you wouldn't be keeping them.

I am a little worried though because I was thinking it was NLNAC accredited, but now I see that it isn't and is not even on NLNAC's candidate program list. This program is my only option because my husband is Navy and we'll be moving shortly after I finish. It's the only one I have time to complete.

Make sure you get the TEAS study guide before your test. I know a lot of people said that it helped tremendously. I am still considered the August 2011 start dat as well.

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