Has anyone gotten a bad pop up and still passed? 2018

Nursing Students NCLEX


I've done a lot of research I've heard that the people that got the bad pop up yet still passed did it wrong or some say they did it correctly I'm just extremely confused. So is there a possibly that I got a false bad pop up? I really hope so because this is my 2nd attempt and I felt more confident then the first time. (By the way the first time I did it wrong and put all the correct cc info and it charged me 200)

How soon after your test did you try the trick? I've heard of people getting charged and passing but it was because it was done too early.

I took the exam yesterday and I am waiting for the results. I am not too curious about the PVT. On my first attempt last yr Dec, I got 75 and did the PVT, got a bad pop up and for sure I failed.

The first time I tested I did it before I got the Pearson Vue email about me taking the Nclex. I did it way too early like right as soon as I left the testing center and I ended up paying 200 but obviously I didn't pass so it all worked out. But this is my 2nd attempt and the first time I did it correctly and I got the bad pop up

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