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Has anyone experienced this for licensure

Hi all,

I passed the boards early this month. I got an email from the board asking me to submit documentation for proof of residency ( I am a green card holder). Has anyone else experienced this. I am out of the country now and won't be back until January, so I can't submit any documents before that. Will this impact my licensure.

Any comments are appreciated.


They will not issue a license to you without the proof that you can live and work in the US legally. You can send them a copy of your green card while you are out of the country, or wait until you return to the US.

I am moving your thread to the International Forum since it has nothing to do with the NCLEX exam itself, but strictly is a licensure issue for a foreign nurse.

It is also becoming quite common, more and more states are not issuing a license without this proof.


Does this apply even if I graduated from a school in the US ? I've been a resident for 10 years now and graduated this past summer. I wasn't asked proof of residency for the NCLEX though.

Thank you for your time,

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Some BON's have fetched this in recently and before they will issue a license require proof of residency. Az did this this year

Writing the NCLEX exam has never required that one be a citizen of the US or have documentation to be here; but licensure can require it. Being able to write the exam is only one step in the licensing process.

Almost every foreign nurse is granted permission to test, but most states now will not issue a license without proof that they can legally work here.

It is not something new, just that more states are starting to do it.

Does that apply to the state of CA? What about OPT? Will we be granted a license while working under OPT?

Ginger's Mom, MSN, RN

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You will have to find an employer that is willing to take you on for the short time the OPT provided which is one year. With new grads looking for positions this maybe difficult.

I already got two job offers in CA, and both hospitals are willing to accept me to work under OPT.

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