Has anyone ever "created" their own position?

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Hello everyone!

I have something that I have been pondering all weekend and would like some input...

I am working on a MSN in nursing informatics and taking a course in health literacy/health disparity right now. The college that I am going to offers a post-master's certificate in gerontologic nursing that I am interested in. I spoke with a friend yesterday from nursing school, who just finished a MSN in nursing research, and she was able to literally "create" a position as a nursing research coordinator at her hospital.

Now, I do not work in LTC, but I work in oncology and take care of many older folks (and love them). This is why I would like to pursue the gerontologic certificate. I am finding a new passion for health literacy and disparity! I was pondering the idea of working as a gerontologic health literacy specialist, but the problem is my hospital does not currently have a position like this. I feel that it would greatly benefit our large older population to have someone devoted to this area.

Has anyone else ever created their own position? I am interested to hear some strategies for this!

Thank you!

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Yes I have.I am a foot care nurse specialist for the hospital that I work at.I am the only RPN in the hospital who has a foot care certificate therefore I go around to each floor prn when there is foot care or a foot that needs to be looked at.I love it!I was originally hired on as an RPN for the oncology floor but now I "created" my own position!When the HR looked at my resume they noticed that I have foot care and were very interested.Word spread throughout the hospital that there was a nurse with foot care.I then approached HR and "created" a position for myself as their new nurse foot care specialist.They loved the idea!So now not only do I get paid a regular pay for the oncology floor, but whenever I am called to do foot care they pay me as if it was another part time job!I absolutely love doing this!

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to add to the above poster, i know of a nurse who is one of two wound care specialists for her hospital. the position did not exist a few years ago. she originally worked as a staff rn for many years before receiving a bsn then later an msn. she had a passion for wounds and started receiving certs in wound care and attending seminars on wound care on her own. one day she approached her management about the problems she saw on the floors regarding wounds. she started to teach staff on her own time about wound care management. one thing led to another and a position was created for her to be the wound care nurse for the hospital. after a few years she became overwhelmed and hired a counterpart.

i know of another nurse with many years of icu experience who was interested in palliative care. she went back to school to learn more about the subject and received certs as well. she approached her management about a palliative care department. similar to my other example, the nurse became the palliative care nurse for the hospital with support from the chaplains and one other nurse.

i could go on but i will stop now... ;)

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I created my current position. It took 4 years of showing the VP of nursing what I could do and pointing out the potential value of my work to the institution. I asked questions, suggested projects, demonstrated my skills, etc. ... and finally, the VP asked if I would like to do that kind of work full time.

I was in a position as a unit-based staff development specialist at the time ... and created an new position within the staf development department focusing on hospital0wide programs for nursing students, research, and evidence-based practice projects.

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Wonderful responses - very inspiring. This type of phenomenon is frequently described in business literature as as "intrapeneurship" - creating new ventures from within a company environment. Over the years, I have also ended up moving into three positions that have been 'created' for me. They all followed the same general pattern as this example:

  • I began doing something that was 'outside' my normal job duties because there was an obvious need that had to be filled.. For instance, long before it became the norm, I was a unit educator and began designing computer-based learning programs at home, on my own time. I then talked my supervisor into letting me use these modules instead of classroom training for part-time and PRN nurses who had difficulty coming to the regularly scheduled classes.
  • I carefully monitored outcomes - including placing a monetary value when possible.
  • I submitted quarterly reports to the appropriate leader so that the work became more visible.

In the very next budget, the CNE created a new position for 'computer learning' and they moved me into it..

Basically, I would advise everyone to just take initiative when you identify an opportunity. Be prepared to 'work extra' to sell your ideas & show what you can do. "Selling" your ideas to the people who control the $ is very important.

Creative Nurses Rock!!!!

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Great post, HouTX. People need to realize that you don't just come up with an idea. You have to demonstrate the value of your ideas to the people in a position to actually create the new job. That often means doing extra work for free for a while as a means of marketing what you have to offer.

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