Has anyone applied to Frontiers bridge class 153??


I just submitted my application for the fall Bridge ADN to NP program at Frontier University and I am afraid I will not be accepted. I read so many posts about waiting lists. How hard is it to get into Frontier? Also does anyone know when I will find out if I am accepted? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome! We moved your thread to our Nursing Schools forum to attract responses. Good luck to you.


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Yes- and now we just have to wait...

Good luck and best wishes!


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Did you receive your two emails? We will find out 6-8 weeks before Frontier Bound in August. So that puts us in the range of June 27th and July 11th on finding out if we are accepted or not. This wait feels like forever- my stomach flops around when I think about it. I've been trying to go on walks and just hang out with the family and not dwell on it. I am worried I won't be accepted as well. I think that's something everyone worries about though. We should stay positive :)

I wonder why our deadline was extended? Not enough applicants...?

I just got an email that I was accepted. I really was beginning to think I wouldn't be and had talked myself out of it by this point lol. I now question whether I am prepared enough - academically and financially to go for it. I am giving it some thought over the weekend and then making my decision. It will be a family decision because my whole family will be part of this. I was a trainwreck the first time through nursing school so I can only imagine! My gut says....do it! I will always regret it if I don't and I have to figure that if they accepted me they must have some confidence that I can make it :) I hope others are getting the same good news as I did. Good luck to all.


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Awesome! I got in too- I got mine on Thursday 6/2, I emailed my acceptance yesterday. Yay! See you at FB!

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I was accepted into class 153. Frontier Bound August. I look forward to sharing this experience with you!! I was so worried I would not get in but I did and I am over the moon.


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I received my acceptance email 6/2. I have read many threads on allnurses about FNU, and was glad to see we had one for our class! I feel just like everyone else does i'm sure, nervous and excited! I can't wait for Bridge Bound and look forward to the friendships I'm sure to form over the next few years. Has anyone else registered for BB yet? I went to do it tonight and it said there was an error highlighted. The highlighted area was the dropdown at the top of the form where you select your class. I selected class 153 BB 8/22 and it kept giving me the error. I wonder if it is to early, maybe? That doesn't really make sense to me though, because its only 2 months away and you need to be registered/paid about a month in advance.


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I haven't registered yet. I will sometime this week. I did set my email up. There's a Facebook page set up for us.

Welcome to Facebook

see you soon Kay!


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Anyone following this thread applying to Frontier Bridge Class 156?


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BabyRN811 I have applied to Bridge class 156. Did you?


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I'm applying for class 156. Anyone from class 153, do you all know of many people that did not get accepted into the program. I just got accepted into South University's program and it's set to begin 8/25, but I'm not feeling the greatest vibe for this school. Anyone here familiar with South University? I feel that Frontier may be a better choice for me. However, I will have to pass up this acceptance and put all of my schooling on hold to wait for an acceptance from Frontier. I would hate to put things on hold and not get accepted into the program and lose precious time. Any words of advice is greatly appreciated.