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Harried and Hopeless!!!

by nomoreonions nomoreonions (New) New

I feel that I was well prepared for the test. But, it shut off at 85 questions. The majority of my questions were select all that apply. To offer an estimate, 60% were SATA, 10% were put tasks in order, and remainder were classic multiple choice. I left the testing center thinking that I surely failed.

however, as the day progressed, I was able to think back on most of the questions. Some of the select all's, I did get right. Most of the multiple-choice, I did get right. I am apprehensive, however, because I do know there are several that I got wrong.

To pick the brains of other people that have taken NCLEX PN, did most of you feel as though the test was difficult? I used Saunders and Kaplan to study, and I know my material. The school from which I graduated has a 98% pass rate. Why do I feel like I have not passed?? And can any others offer some insight towards the test stopping at 85 questions?

It's natural to second guess yourself. You have worked for years to finish nursing school and this test is a major part in your future. It would be almost UNnatural to not be nervous about it.

As for the 85 questions, I can't say how you did. With this test you either did well enough to pass or you didn't.

Relax and stop dwelling on it. You can't change the past. Take some deep breaths! Good luck.

The amount of questions and the type of questions are not an indication of whether you passed. A lot of people pass at 85. And everyone feels like they failed!

Thanks! I was getting a bit more hopeful....until my classmates that tested the same day/time as me all got their results on the BON website, and all I got was an email explaining that Pearson has placed my results on HOLD due to a technical issue, and once the 'incident' is resolved, they will release the results.

Talk about stressing out. I did read that you can get flagged if you finish the test quickly.....I believe I finished in 45 minutes. Now the weekend is here, and I cannot find out anything until Monday. I will be lucky if I get an hour of sleep until then. :(