hardest part about nursing is finding a job

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I recently received my degree in Nursing and graduated with Honors. I also successfully passed my NCLEX exam in Missouri. I am getting very disappointed/aggravated not being able to get a job. I have been applying to BJC for months and can't even get a call back. I called Barnes HR department and they told me that it takes awhile for the recruiters to go through all the applicants....but I have been applying there since March. I have also contacted SLU and SSM which tell me in order to be hired new nurses must go through their "versant residency program" for SLU, or the "future's program" for SSM....but both are full for the fall; they told me to check back in the spring. Student loans will be coming in soon, so unfortunately I cannot wait that long. Any advice for this frustrated nurse??

Have you tried Mercy?, keep calling the HR departments, Is home health an option until you find something?

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Are you looking for something specific? It's hard right now in St. Louis. Have you tried St. Anthonys, Des Peres, Jefferson Regional Medical Center (which is opening an urgent care this fall) or St. Alexius? All of those hospitals hire new grads. How is your resume? Personally I thought the bigger hospitals were the worst at calling back. The smaller hospitals have better response time and I find are better to work at. I know St. Anthonys and St. Alexius have a shortage of nurses at the moment. I know St. Alexius WILL and DOES hire new grads all the time. Jefferson Regional also hires new grads although their call back time is slow at times too.

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Also, check craigslist. Doctors office/clinics post for nurses there and that may be an option for you. If you're not pickey the city of St. Louis jail is hiring and the pay isn't bad. Starts at $24/Hr for RN. The Veterns Home hires new grads and the starting pay is good there too.

If you are single, have you thought about being a travel nurse? They pay exceptionally well and its a great opportunity.

Travel nursing is a great opportunity, I have a few friends that are travel nurses and the pay is great. they usually go for 3-month stints but I have another friend who is able to keep renewing her contract at the same hospital. The only issue is that I believe you need at least 1 year of experience before you can get into travel nursing.

As said above, travel nursing is an incredible opportunity, but you need a minimum of a year in your chosen speciality.

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