Hard Time Finding OR Jobs

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Hard Time Finding OR Jobs

Hi everyone. I left my first nursing job in an oncology ICU wanting to fully pursue the OR. I have 1.5 years of ICU experience that I understand doesn't provide much relevance for the OR. I've been having a very difficult time landing an OR nurse position and cannot find any current Periop training positions anywhere near me. Can I get some advice/suggestions? 

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Many facilities will only open up positions for new to the OR nurses at certain times during the year. My facility will only offer 4 start dates a year due to the length and depth of the orientation.

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Most times, one will just have to be on the lookout for PeriOp 101 training positions or practice transition openings . It's really hard to get in otherwise as most places seem to require 2 years experience in OR in order to be hired. Sometimes, if you know the OR managers / Directors they might make an exception and offer to train you outside of a formal periop group program.  

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Try searching teaching or University hospitals. While it is true the periOp hiring occurs in groups, you could be hired for the next upcoming group. A teaching hospital would have a better chance hiring a newer nurse.

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