Hard to find a job with new RN certification?

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I'm just about to apply to nursing school, and my step-mother, who graduated last semester, is scaring me. She is having a very hard time finding a job because everyone wants experience. She had the option of signing with a local hospital, which would pay for her studies in exchange for her working for them for 3 years. She did not take this option. All her friends who did take it are now working. Those who did not are all having a hard time finding a job. She actually just signed with a home health care agency as a CNA and even then she is not being assigned long-term cases, but only short visits with patients who need temporary wound care, etc. She is being paid an entry level CNA rate. Is this typical of new grads? I don't want to be working so hard to get through nursing school just to face unemployment. I thought there was a nursing shortage-- so why are some new grads having such a hard time finding work?

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Depends which area you're in. Some places aren't hiring at the moment due to the economy. Would just take some research. You even said she had the option of a job but chose not to take it. I wouldn't NOT study nursing because of a fear of not getting a job.

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Hi, yes it depends on your area. Where I am the jobs are plentiful and the pay is good. I'd urge your step mother to contact your state's BON because in my state we are not allowed to work below our scope of practice and that is what she is doing by working as a CNA if she is a nurse. Good luck and definitely go to nursing school if you think you would like it.

Does your step mother have her license yet? She should not be doing CNA work if she has a RN license. Most hospitals have new grad RN programs. This is where many new RN’s start their nursing careers. They tend to hire new grads only at certain times of the year – so if you want to be working as soon as you graduate then you have to apply in your last year of school. Otherwise you have to wait till their next hire date. Other places to look are LTC facilities, rehab facilities, community health services, etc.

There are quite a few threads here on all nurses by people reporting tight job markets and layoffs – this isn’t happening in my area yet. But there’s no telling what the job market will be doing by the time you graduate so if you want to be a nurse then you should go ahead with your plans to apply to nursing school. IMO you can’t go wrong with a nursing license.

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