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Today has been an awfull one for me. I am starting the nursing program in August and am currently seeking job opportunities in the IT field where I've had most of my experience. I had an interview today, for a great company that would start me out at $24.00 and hour. I was so excited!!! This was my 3rd interview with them and I could tell they were very intrested in me. It all went down the drain abot 30 minutes into the interview when the guy glanced at my resume and saw that I currently attended college. He asked me what I was studying and I told him I was a Nursing student. He stopped for a moment then asked if I got the job if I would continue to pursue that degree. I hesitated for a moment and said yes! After that is attitude toward me changed from wine into vinegar. He said he had other prospect candidates and would give me a call if I was choosen. I could tell that it was a goodbye never see you again. I hope I made the right decision, I could have lied or made something up. That job would have surely helped with my finances. I hope I made the right joice, I dont want to llok back someday and think, I could have kept my mouth shut about nursing or even decided not to pursue it anymore. I feel weird, like i let my family down in a time a need.

Just venting....


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I hope that this doesn't sound hokie........follow your heart. There are going to be many times while you are in the nursing program where you are going to feel like kicking yourself in the backside for not taking that job in IT and pursuing a nursing career. But, if you have the passion to be a nurse then welcome aboard! We need a few (more) good men/women! In the long run, if that "nursing" bug has bitten, there is no going back. But that's just my opinion.


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You made choice by replying "yes". Since you mention you feel that you let your family down in a time of need, how do they feel about it? Do they support your decision to become a nurse? Are you the breadwinner?

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It's never wrong to tell the truth in my opinion. Although it stings sometimes. Lying for personal gain hurts someone in the end, be it yourself or someone else in this case the employer. That's bad kharma.

Good luck to you.


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i would have been totally unfair of you to have these people invest time and money into you when you were certain that you would not be in for the long haul

also this may be somebody elses dream job for a lifetime commitment...everything will work out in the end...


I recall from some of your other posts that you are in a situation similar to mine...you gave up a good paying job to pursue nursing because you feel you have a passion for it. When I first considered making this crazy move, one of the women I worked with told me I should go for it because I have to do what will make me happy. Bottom line was, even though I made good money, I wasn't happy, my family was suffering for it, and even my employer wasn't getting the all out effort they expected. Going from 2 incomes to 1 was a big hardship for my family, but so far we haven't regretted it for one second. And, I know that once life is back to normal, we'll all be so much better off.

If this is truly what you want, look beyond the dollar signs...for now...and follow your heart.

I'll be there with you in that first nursing class come August.:yelclap:



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My BSN degree was in a program for 2nd degree students. My roommate and I both attended Penn State for our undergrad degrees. Mine was in music, and hers was in industrial engineering. There were many nights when we both said we should have just stuck with our former careers. We thought we had made a mistake.

But then there were many nights when I was glad I made the decision I made! Almost all of my plans had been uprooted at one point or another, and it definitely wasn't easy...but a friend of mine once told me to have "No regrets." I was, at the time, feeling like I should continue on in music - hadn't yet started nursing school. I had just finished an extremely successful senior piano recital, and I thought I'd made a mistake by giving that up.

He said to me, "But you might also be a really great nurse. No regrets." Great advice!!

It's not easy to make a big change like that...but change can be good. :) I'm glad I got my nursing degree (now that it's all over)!!! ;)


carrie :)

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