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im going on holiday to majorca in 4 hrs and just found out im 6 weeks pregnant...Really happy about that but im worried about flying. Will i be ok to fly? Will it affect baby?

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Congratulations! I wouldn't worry about flying. I don't think there's any contraindication in that respect. I wouldn't have any cocktails on the beach though! :chuckle

Have fun!


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Thanks 'hereyes73' i've been sitting here waiting for a reply from someone, as its not long now before we go to airport. I was just worried about air pressure etc when flying. im not a keen person on flying any way. I do feel a bit better now tho. I know no cocktails....hehehehe :chuckle

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when I came back from a trip 3 weeks ago the flight attendant was VERY pregnant. I'm sure she would not be aloud to fly if there was a health concern about flying while pregnant.


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I have flown trans-pacific flights with women that were well over 32 weeks pregnant.

Go and have a great time................ :balloons:

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