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You've worked really hard, and you've graduated your nursing program (a feat in and of itself). You've been hired as a graduate nurse, with the stipulation that you take, and pass your NCLEX within 30 days. So, you've started all your orientations and what not, and then the unthinkable happens:

You don't pass the NCLEX.

what happens after that? are you done with your job (new grad residency) untill you've passed?

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You probably won't be able to still work as a grad. nurse, but talk things over with your director, let them know you are still dedicated to becoming a nurse and are going to do everything you can to pass boards the next time. See if there is another position in the unit that you can do in the meantime-unit secretary, orderly, whatever that will keep your foot in the door.

It isn't the end of the world though. Many highly skilled, intelligent nurses have taken their boards numerous times. Not passing doesn't mean that you're not intelligent or going to be a good nurse, it just means you get to do it again =).


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if you fail, you can't practice as a GN, even if your GN permit is still valid. You have to wait 90 days before retaking it, and you can take it a total of 3 times. (this is in texas.) im sure it differs from state to state.


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They have changed it to being able to test every 45 days now...

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A lot of hospitals will find a CNA job for you until you retest and/or pass your boards. Talk to your nurse manager and staffing office/personel, my bet is they are going to be willing to wait on you and find you a spot until the second set comes in if you dont pass on the first.

If by chance you dont pass, keep a good outlook and continue to work whatever position they find for you until you nail the boards.


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You won't be able to practice as a GN anymore if you find out you didn't pass NCLEX. However, you will probably be able to work as a PCT, CNA, clerk, etc. at your site if you are working on the floor, ICU, or what not until you pass the boards. Don't stress about it. Focus on NCLEX for now. I failed my boards the first time; I was set to start an OR internship; I was able to start the internship and was allowed to function as a tech (by scrubbing). One month later I passed my boards. Good luck to you.


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