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I am moving to Halifax (from Calgary) by the end of June or July 1st.

I have read in a separate post that the good areas to live/rent in Halifax are Clayton Park, Bedford and Sackville. Any other tips for rental places? :)

I've been checking Kijiji and I think I have a lot of options for temporary summer sublet. It will give me enough time to look for a better place for long-term stay. However, I was wondering if there is anybody our there looking for a roommate or who knows anyone looking for a roommate?

Thanks! :nurse:

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Any sort of arrangement made must be kept private... this isn't Kijiji or Craigslist, so make sure there's no public negotiations going on here, okay? You've allowed other members to email you and you have enough posts to send and receive PMs so those're the most acceptable methods of getting this done. Good luck!


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Thanks, Janfrn.. =) Sorry about that..

I will welcome tips and advices about safe living areas in Halifax for public posts.

PM please for any personal messages! :tku:

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I lived in Halifax 12 years ago, in the south end. I was able to walk to work, and avoid having a vehicle, but rents south of Quinpool Road tend to be high. There are two universities in that end of the city. In April there are tons of sublets with options to renew when the university folks clear out.

Last time I checked I think parking for a day at a hospital was running about $10. Some nurses leased extra driveway space and walked in. You may want to plan on being on a bus route.

Personally I would avoid the northeast area from the south end of Gottingen all the way up to Young Street, and from Robie down to the waterfront. It's an area that's had a bad reputation, though weeding through whats a racial issue and what's actual bad people is hard. I was a hard core walker when I lived in Halifax, and the only time anyone gave me a hard time was in that part of town. I loved the diversity, but it only takes one bad experience to be scarey.

If you have a car the further out from the city you live the better the rent values. Nurses miss the worst of rush hour, on both ends of their shifts. I don't have any experience on renting outside the city...gotta defer to someone else on that one.


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Hey there, I see you are moving from Calgary. I will be moving TO Calgary on May 1st. Just wondering if you know of any places that may be hiring LPN's?


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Thanks :) I will continue checking the Alberta Health Services website. I just hope its not like in Vancouver where it looks like there are a lot of postings but they never seem to hire anybody.

Good luck in Halifax, its an awesome city! I'm from New Brunswick and miss the Maritimes everyday.You will love it, the people are such a great bunch.