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Nursing Students NCLEX


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I took and passed the NCLEX on 6-4-2012, with 75 questions 23 SATA. Now I am on to the second hard part of beginning my nursing career. Finding a job!!! Has anyone else had easy luck on getting a job?

Not me!

A girl in my group got a job while we were in school because she works as a PCT at the hospital. I'm happy for her :) but now pick me! Ha.

I got that part of the hard stuff done! I was hired in mid-March at a hospital in the float pool. Now, I soon will be taking the NCLEX and fear that more than ever! Good luck to you in finding a job!

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I think part of my problem is I won't be staying at the hospital I currently work at. I am moving to Texas at the end of this month. So it is kinda scary. I not want to stay in North Dakota though.... Hopefully something comes about. I keep getting emails that they want someone with more experience.

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