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High fellow nurses! I love this site, I am new and need some advice! I am early in recovery and am wondering how many drug screens I may have with first source the first month? I am trying to find a job but I have had a hard time getting past the interview. If anyone can give me an idea of the cost and frequency of the test I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm not from Alabama but I count on getting tested one a week. Usually I pay a collection fee of $15 (which is very cheap in out market) and anywhere from $39 - $100 for the actual test. I budget about $300 per month and usually its close to that.

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I am under VDAP contract in Alabama and I was tested 2x first full month. Currently, I am tested 2-3 times a month. Good luck in your job search.


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How much are those tests a pop in Alabama?

In my state, I was tested four times the first month. I have and will average 3-4 tests a month for the entire 5 years. My tests range from $32-$90 per test, plus any collection site fees, depending on where I go. I spend about $300 average a month on testing.


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Urine tests are cheap. I pay about $350 for each annual hair test.