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Hahnemann Closure

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Drexel university says 40% of clinical staff to also lose their jobs




"In addition, 2,700 workers will be laid off unless there is a last-minute intervention to save the hospital."

Thus is a direct result of for profit motive in healthcare. Allegany Health System (not to be confused with Allegheny General Hospital in Pgh) came in years ago to the Philadelphia job market, and in collaboration with hospital administrators and "equity owners" wanted to break the unions.

Unions enable fair wages and working conditions. Their goal was to break one of the strongest medical unions in the country at that time. They did not turn a large enough profit for the "private equity owners" and the courts in this country have ruled that "equity owners" have the right to sue thany company that doesn't make them money.

Thr administrators are also in collusion with these equity firms in order to lower wages and regain complete control over the workforce.

I should know. I was there when Allegany's takeover of the majority of Philadelhpia hospitals happened. Management jumped ship first months before anyone was told anything or could secure jobs. They wanted us working and making money for them until we lost everything.

And we did. I showed up for work at a South Philly hospital to find the doors padlocked and all of our belongings left inside. We were never given access to our personal items as the hospital stated all items inside the hospital were now the property of Allegany Equity.

They put thousands and thousands of nurses, technologists, techs, therapists and others out of work in a week. Flooded the market, forced people to move, some lost their homes...all to drive wages down.

Then they filed for the largest bankruptcy in the history of the US.

This is how afraid hospitals are of unions. They prove that the only way the workforce can get onto even ground with corporate "owners" is to change the laws to benefit "equity owners" and then open up businesses to this private equity, thereby forcing the employees into wage slavery in order to turn a profit for owners....or else they will take everything away.

Hahnemann is most concerned about their medical residents, however. If the bankruptcy interferes with CMS and the malpractice insurance of the 600 residents put into the street, the new "equity owners" of Hahnemann, Tower, can get sued for any malpractice claims against the residents or physicians employed there.

Notice how hard it is to find out how many nurses, techs, therapists and others are losing their jobs? Because all that matters is that the new owners don't lose money in lawsuits and the doctors are all taken care of...they are the possible future investors in vulture capitalism such as for profit hospitals. The rest of us can go make minimum wage so that "private equity owners" are making buckets of money.

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When I left a job last year, I left a Starbuck's Double Shot Vanilla drink and a prepackaged salad in the refrigerator.  To this day I occasionally think about those items, so I can empathize with the locked out ex-employees.  Unfortunately, in order to make minimum wage somewhere, someone has to hire these displaced workers.  Not necessarily going to happen very easily.  I am sure they will get first dibs on the new unaffordable housing that sprouts up on the real estate footprint.

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TitaniumPlates has 15 years experience and specializes in ED.

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I and others left far more valuable things in our lockers like photos, coats and items we could not replace.

the point is, where do you think these people are going to go?

i was able to move. many cannot. the only concern hahnemann or tower has is for the possibility that malpractice insurance will not cover them if a patient files malpractice during this changeover.

how many nurses dp you think, between hanemann's 500 plus beds and drexels DUP practice are being helped to find other jobs like the residents are?

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Just a fuzzy thought here, but I think I recall a 'Job Wanted' advertisement in my local newspaper Want Ads just recently. It was for Capital Health Systems (a hospital system) in central NJ BUT, it was posting for the residents, not nurses.

Like I said I'm fuzzy about the details, but I do remember something.

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