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I had my second job interview (first one was July 7th) since I graduated nursing school in may. I felt really good leaving this one. I interviewed for a medsurg/oncology position. I was interviewed by the recruiter and by the Nurse manager on that unit. I felt they went really well. I interviewed with the nurse Manager 2nd and at the end of the interview she said "excellent interview". I was happy! I really hope that I get this position. I've put in over 100 apps and only the one interview before this one. The recruiter said that they will be interviewing this week and she will let me know something next week whether I get it or not. She said if they hire me, I will start orientation on October 1st because she doesn't think they will reach a decision in time for me to start the orientation that's next week. I mailed out thank you cards to them as soon as I left. Wish me luck everyone!! It's tough out there for new grads, especially ones without any prior clinical experience like myself.

Best of luck to you and I hope you hear back from them! I am still trying to find a job! :)

Thanks Jadu, and the same to you! I know it's tuff but nothing we can do but keep trying.

I wish you all the best. I pray you get the job. Can i ask you a few questions? If you don't mind sharing,what questions did they ask you on the interview?

The nurse manager asked me first why did I want to work at that facility?

Then she asked me yo recall a situation when I had to think fast under pressure, what was it, and what did I do in that situation? She asked me if a coworker told me that they were doing something wrong at the hospital, what would I do? She also explained that I would get mostly surgical patients and wanted to make sure I was comfortable around blood, and opened bellies, colostomies, etc because I'd get alot of those.

I got the job! Start Oct 25. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers!

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Congratulations!!! :)

Great news! Enjoy your new job!


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