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and I'm not sure what to make of it. I wasn't exactly offered the

position, but if it is offered to me I am not sure if I should take it. The reason I say this is there are a few things that concern me. I've been actually working as a nurse for about 8 mos, part-time in a LTC on noc shift. The new job is somewhat like a wellness nurse for developmentally challenged people living in two small group homes and with a few host families, approx. 65 total. The interviewer is not a nurse & described these people as fragile. Some have feeding tubes and there are others that have seizure activity and are on dilantin. I would have to fill a pill box for the week for some of the clients, but not all, these will be filled by non-medical caregivers. The caregivers would be working under my license. I have to set up doctor and dental appointments and any other medical appt. I would be doing assessments on these clients and would come out to their homes if they happen to fall or any other medical need. Also I would be doing small work-shops on drug administration and feeding tubes. I would be the

only nurse on staff and no one is going to train me. There will be

once a month meetings with a few other nurses that do this, but not for the same company. I am afraid that if I have a question I wouldn't know who to ask, like another nurse. I kinda think I don't have enough nursing experience and knowledge and think I might get over whelmed. Oh, I forgot to mention I am on call 24/7 outside of normal business hours. This is a salary position starting out at almost 40,000/yr. What do you think? Am I worrying about nothing? Thanks ahead of time for any responses.


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I don't have any experience in either LTC or live-in care, Bambi, but this:

I would have to fill a pill box for the week for some of the clients, but not all, these will be filled by non-medical caregivers. The caregivers would be working under my license.
leapt out at me right away. I would be very, very concerned about that aspect. I'm interested to hear other opinions on this.


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Yikes! I have been a nurse for going on 4 years and I don't think I'd take this job. I still frequently run into situations where I am thrilled to have another person to bounce ideas off of, ask for advice, etc. I am pretty darn confident in my skills and knowledge, but i would not like to have no back up, no support, no extra brain to pick when needed. Sounds like a huge responsibility for alot of people.

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I have been a nursse for ten years, mostly in LTC. I agree with what the others have said here. I would not take this position.


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No way too much work too little money and you haven't the experience yet. Plus some of the stuff sounds license endangering too me. You don't want to risk your license.

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Sounds like you might have enough experience and should consider that you might be getting over your head.

There are situations, especially in group home settings where non-licensed people pass the meds. This is not necessary all that uncommon. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

They are not putting your license at risk. If you put the wrong meds in the pill box you are liable in that respect. Of course you would have to make sure the meds fit the persons diagnosis and condition, know the interactions, side effects etc. but if they make an error, it's not the same as you making the error "on your license". It is an awesome responsibility.

But if you've only been working 8 months part time, you may not have seen and done enough for that kind of responsibility.

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