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HACC points system question

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Hi. I'm in the HACC (Harrisburg) pre-nursing program. Once I finish this semester, I'll only need to complete A&P2 before I can apply for clinicals. My questions is... if I apply for clinicals in the May 1-June 1 window (for acceptance into Spring 2010), I'll only have 91 of the 100 points needed. I'll be down 5 points for not having completed AP2 yet and 2-4 points down for not having a grade associated with it (2 for C, 3 for B, 4 for A). My question is... should I bother applying or is there no way I'll get accepted? Will they wait until the end of the summer semester to look at my AP2 grade and give me the points for it? -- since I hear that acceptance letters aren't sent out until October.

I'd prefer to take AP2 over the summer and start clinicals in Spring 2010, but if there's little or no chance that I'll get accepted with only 91 points (I have 4.0 GPA), I might just wait and take AP2 in the fall and take the summer off. Then I'd have near 100 points. Unfortunately, that will push clinicals to start in Fall 2010 instead of Spring.

Anybody have any insight on the minimum # points? Is 91 way out of the ballpark?



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I went through HACC - thankfully I did the LPN-RN bridge so points weren't quite so important. At the Gettysburg campus, you would definitely need the "as close to 100" as possible..there has been a waiting list and has become quite competitive. That being said, I am not familiar with your campus...and the economy may be making a difference too. You can just call the nursing dept and ask..they are used to lots of questions. At the very least - it not's gonna hurt to apply in May, after you've registered for APII. Even if you don't get in, it'll show your interest. You can also call close to January(or in the first few days of that semester) and see if anyone withdrew. HACC is very intense, tough...alot of people complain...mostly those who don't make it and of course while you are going through it, but when you finish- you are better prepared than alot of the schools out there. Good luck to you.

Thanks, I have an appt with an advisor in a few weeks. I was just doing the math and getting nervous about having only 91 points, was hoping someone would know so I wouldn't have to wait that long to find out. It seems like a long time between finishing coursework and starting clinicals, I hate to have to wait another semester without doing anything if I don't get accepted this time around. Thanks again.


Did you end up applying during the May-June window? And did you hear back on your status?

Thank you! (I am at HACC Gettysburg and will be in similiar shoes in Fall 10)

I actually went to talk to an advisor. She said on the points system I had about a 50/50 chance of making it in with 91 points for that application period (May 1-June 1, 2009 (for acceptance into clinicals in Spring 2010)).

I have a 4.0 gpa, but would lose 5 points for not having finished ap 2, and 4 points (assuming an A) for the grade in ap2... 100 (max)-5-4=91 points). Since I would have had to find childcare for the summer for my kids, I decided it wasn't worth it for a 50/50 chance, so I took the summer off.

I'm registered to take AP2 in the fall. With my 4.0 gpa, advisor said she could all but guarantee that I'd get in if I apply in January 2010 (for fall 2010 clinicals) even with a B or possibly C in AP2. So I should be set.

FYI -- advisor showed me the 'points that made the cut' for each application period for the last few years. It varies based on semester of application and campus. Don't remember specifics, though. I suggest making an appt with your advisor so she can show you specific cut-off numbers from previous semesters at your campus. My advisor was very helpful and friendly.

Good luck!

Lalo :)

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I know this is a old post, but I thought you have to get all your prereqs before applying for clinicals!

If you didn't take ap2 that's 20pts plus 4 pts. Each science is worth 20 each. and 2-4 points depending on your science grades.

Good luck


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I don't mean to burst your bubble - but getting into the RN program at HACC is not the problem. Most students have a 3.6-4.0 but not many of those make it out.

ASK questions about how many students actually graduate. They wont tell you!

If you are able to get into another school - do it.


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high drop out rate and no support system


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Its more of a "push out rate" than a drop out rate. If they question your ability they set you up in a situation that you can't handle - and watch you fall. Then they document all this in what they call a "toolbook". You can have a high grade in class - but they can crucify you with the toolbook.

Before looking into HACC - call the director and ASK ASK ASK for numbers!

ASK - what percentage of 4.0 students get through all 4 semesters in a row?

ASK - How many graduate each semester???

ASK - Does anyone that works part time survive the program? ask for the name of one!

ASK - Does anyone who has kids under 8 graduate?

ASK - How many current students/recent grads would recommend this program?

HACC will take your money and then push you out without the blink of an eye.

I was recently just denied from the Part Time Clinicals at HACC York Campus. I missed the cut off by 1.48 points. From my experience, TAKE ALL OF YOUR CLASSES AND DO WELL! York Campus won't even let you retake your A&P courses or your Microbiology courses if you passed them. And I was also under the impression you couldnt skip out on any of those classes because they are 20 points each just to take them, then the 2-4 points for the grade. Being realistic, 91 points is pushing it. My advisor told me that 94.62 was a great score...well apparently not. I am not looking into doing an LPN program at Vo Tech and then doing the LPN RN Bridge program. Good luck to you nonetheless. Its great you're taking the course, trust me, YOU NEED ALL THE POINTS YOU CAN GET! Aim for the A's. If I would have gotten an A in A&P2, I would be in :banghead: GOOD LUCK!

On a similar vein of discussion about grades/ acceptance into clinicals, has anyone had Dr. Earl Beyer at HACC Lebanon/Harrisburg for Micro? I'm taking him currently for Micro and the first test had an average of 65%. Is this normal for Microbiology classes in general at HACC or is Dr. Beyer just that hard? He's a great professor so far for anyone considering him...

Good luck to all trying to get into clinicals. I'm trying to get into an accelerated BSN program, so I'm just focusing on getting the best grades I can.

I just got an acceptance letter from HACC Harrisburg campus for clinicals for 2010 fall. Damn, listening to couple post on here makes me hopless for clinicals. I talked to couple students in their third semester into clincals and they told me its hard but, it isn't impossible. I already know 2 people who graduated with RN at Harrisburg campus and they encouraged me to attend HACC for nursing. They told me the program is great and I'll learn a lot. Ofcourse there are times you want to give up but, they told me you just have to get through with it. Mainly because real job isn't easy for new grads anyway. Well, guys wish me luck!!!

Well for the Microbiology you are taking with Earl hmmm.. he isn't that great!!! You should have taken it with Mark Nicholos! Easy A!!! Well I wish you luck!


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I just got my acceptance letter today as well for Fall 2010! I'm excited, but nervous, as I've heard quite a few stories from people that have been asked to leave after completing a couple of semesters of clinicals. If anyone has gone through the program, and has any advice, I'd love to hear it!

As far as acceptance -- My advisors told me the cutoff is usually around 94, although none of them would give me a specific number. The advisors have been kind of unhelpful so far, actually. I'm hoping that might change now that I'm actually in the program....

Regarding Dr. Beyer -- I had him for microbiology and I LOVED him. He tells the best stories ever. The class averages on the test usually were pretty low, but he curves the class average up to an 80. So if it was a 65, everyone gets 15 points. I thought it was fantastic. Those of us that did well usually ended up with over a 100% on our tests. :)

I'd love to hear from others that will be starting this fall! The uniforms look hideous, but other than that, I'm excited!

Wow! Congrats!!!! Well I probably see you in fall!!!

I got my acceptance letter as well (fall 2010), a few days ago... but for Lancaster campus of HACC. Advisors here have been very helpful! A little nervous cuz I've heard it's tough, but can't wait to start!


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It is not impossible - but less than 20% get through it. Did you call and get their numbers? Defining "hard" - of course you have to study all the time - that is not the problem. It is the 15-20 hrs of paperwork every weekend and the 10 + hours you have to out into your toolbook that is "hard". I saw people get through the whole semester only to be told they would have to repeat - which you can only do once.

I have been one of the few that did it in 4 semesters - so yes it can be done. But when I hear how much better other programs are it makes me wish I would have gone somewhere else. I kept hearing how 'strong" hacc nurses were. But I have few skills, and have not mastered some of the most basic skills to be a nurse. As a hacc student the last thing you'll want to do is ask questions, or ask for help. One bad day can be your last day in that program. So most students just survive clinical, but learn nothing. It really stinks, because I wanted to be a strong nurse.

WOW!!! This is so disheartening :crying2: ! I am a student at HACC and it's literally killing me to read this post. thank you for being so honest though, am looking at other programs, can you suggest any locally in York. I was looking at Lancaster General College but it cost 3x as much....what to do, what to do. Look, I'm 38 years old, not getting any younger, have a Bachelors in hand already but wanted to go into medical field all my life. But I don't want to be at a program where it's set up to fail me every step of the way, don't mind working hard but I want the support of the school, teachers who's salary I am paying for out of pocket. PLEASE...if you are other HACC clinical students or past students, would so much appreciate your input/thoughts...

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