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Guys. I need advice. I am thinking about going back to school. Thanks.


I was out of work for 5-6 mons taking pre-pharmacy courses & enjoying going to music schools (in other words, it's an escape from nursing). Prior to my unemployment, I had worked as a nurse for 2 year (14 months in Med-Surg and 10 months in ICU). I learned that I don't like bedside nursing (neither MS or ICU) but what other types of nursing allow me to have the flexibility of going to Monday-Friday school? Often, I thought about UR/paperwork/occupational health job but then it would be office hour. In this case, I have to give up to school to try those field.

I am accepted to a couple of pharmacy school (local cheaper school & out-of-state accelerated & private) starting this Fall. Right now I am stuck with my new job (a weekend-option Tele floor) because I try to fit my hours with schooling. I feel like being treated like a new grad. It's already 3-4 weeks, she still haven't given me the full load of patient. She is a great nurse but I am just paranoid and overwhelmed after being out of work for many months and coming from night-shift ICU. My self-esteem is shattered. I know I am not stupid but this isn't my niche. What I don't like about bedside nursing is that being to busy to what I want to do. Good MS nurse = nurses that get things done fast with just-good-enough quality & limited time spent with patients .:( I want a job that I can concentrate on a single task and make the best I can out of it. I thought about going to dental school but it's too late to apply. I don't even know if I would like retail pharmacy due to many similarities with nursing (workload & multitasking) ...but I would go ahead and go to school anyway hoping to find my niche somewhere....

Now I am thinking about 2 options.

1.I still have an urge to just quit now and go to 3-year accelerated and out-of-state/ private pharmacy school. Of course, I may feel poor and enjoy accumulating debt for the next three but I won't have much time to work as a nurse (no summer & busy schedule& working toward intern hour) I am almost thirty. I will be 28 soon and I am still single. It's a private and low-ranked school. Moreover, I will start my life all over. (no friend. No family there)

2.Go to local & more prestigious & cheaper/public (4 year school). Probably have to work as nurse in the summer and during school to service those school breaks. I don't know how it is going to be realistic. Studying Mon-Fri and drive 75 miles each-way back & forth to the city to work. This is a more financially rewarding option, provided that I can survive in nursing.

Anyone else in the similar situation? Anyone else going back to school? I am overwhelmed by having to choose schools and starting job:eek:?

Jo Dirt

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Well...is English your second language?

I know pharmacy is definitely more prestiegous and well-paying than nursing.

Good luck in whatever you do.

Music in My Heart

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Were I in your situation I would sit down and make a decision matrix that listed and ranked my near-term and long-term needs, priorities, values, and constraints and then assess how each option suited those.

Personally, I'd never choose a lower-ranked, expensive, private school over a higher-ranked, cheaper, public school. That's just me, though, given my values and my life situation.

Just my opinion...

I would choose the accelerated out-of-state program since you have no real priorities at home, meaning your not married or a mommy. If nursing is truly not for you, why not take a second chance at happiness. Pharmacists make awesome money (my girlfriend is a pharmacist and provides HUGE for her family, she made it w/ 2 kids and one on the way during her school years). Ultimately the decision is yours, but if both schools are accredited and you can start your career a year sooner by going out-of-state, I say go for it before you meet a man and start having babies. My DH and I have 3 wonderful children and struggle like crazy financially since I'm in school. Actually that's why I'm in school is to better our future together, and I'm 36 yrs old.

Good luck on your decision!

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