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Guidance Needed

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I’m just looking for some guidance. I graduated in 2008 with my ADN and then stayed home with our newborn daughter. We moved multiple times after that due to my husbands work so I never did gain any work experience.

I am currently enrolled to begin a BSN program, but I guess my question is, would I even be able to find work as a nurse once I graduate without any work experience? Also, my license is not in the state that I reside (Oregon) and cannot be moved here without work experience. Where do I even start? Am I wasting my time trying to renter this career without starting at step one again?

I would greatly appreciate any advise. 

Thank you,


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TriciaJ has 39 years experience as a RN and specializes in Psych, Corrections, Med-Surg, Ambulatory.

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Have you actually spoken to anyone at the Oregon State Board of Nursing?  I wouldn't go strictly by their website.  Yes, Oregon has a practice requirement to maintain licensure, but you would technically be a new grad once you complete your BSN program.

I take it you took NCLEX in another state and have licensure there?  I would call OSBN and make an appointment to talk to someone, by phone or in person.  You should be just as eligible for licensure as any new grad and already having a license in another state should not render you ineligible.

Good luck.

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