GTCC Spring 2017 Program

U.S.A. North Carolina


Just wondering who is applying for the spring 2017 nursing program at gtcc...The deadline is coming up, and I just wanted to get an idea of the point system this semester. Any info is helpful.

Thank you so much!!! You have been so helpful to me. And really makes me feel encouraged. My friend got in and I didn't. Happy for her but bummed for me. So all your help has made me feel better about this. Again thank you!

You're very welcome, if you have any other questions I'm happy to try and help. Good luck to you

I do plan to get my bachelors later. I plan on taking microbiology and statistics next semester. I work at alamance regional as a cna float and they are requiring a bachelors by 2020. I will be sure to watch the point system because I noticed it does change a lot. Thanks for your advice!

Just wondering if any of you guys have started getting all your documents together? I'm having a hard time getting my immunization record, I think I may have to have some of them done again. Does anyone know if they will accept the immunization records that are attached to my high school transcript ? I have tried emailing the department but no response.

I think they should accept the immunization records attached to your high school transcript. It will tell you what you need to take. I got mine from my health department back home where I grew up. GTCC is on fall break so you probably won't get a response until Wednesday when break is over. I have a few questions about it too. I got class Thursday so I'm gonna go and ask in person.

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