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Originally posted by EyesForward

I know you, Rotten Nurse. You bumped into me in the CCU the other night, and I apologized. I came for a line draw (your responsibility), but you snarled at me when I approached you with the label, and barked at me to give you a syringe. You barely acknowledged the patient, and when you handed me the syringe I said thank you. You walked out with your nose in the air, tossing your gloves in the garbage along with my self-worth.

Only you can toss your self worth into the garbage can. No one else. Don't allow anyone that kind of power over you.

We all know what sjoe says: we will get as much crap as we take.

Again though, it's not worth your time or effort to change such a person. Just don't feel unworthy. Okay?

Wonder why people like that are nurses or secretaries, where they have to deal with people? Were they always like that or did they become that way?

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