Grrrr.... Changed the requirements!!!


I just found out that my school has changed the requirements for applying to NS. I'm really irritated. It's not that I mind the additional steps as much as the fact that I had everything all planned out and timed just right.

Now they have added the pre-entrance exam, a written essay, an interview, and they pushed back the time deadline by a semester meaning I will be competing with that many more students.

Sorry.... my rant is over. Thanks for listening.... I feel like this will never happen. :trout:

It will happen, you just have to jump a few more hurdles first. Hang in there, don't give up and you'll be even more proud of yourself for fighting a little harder to reach your goals.

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A gal in my class said that while she was taking the pre-requs for our program they changed the chem requirement three times...she had to take three different chem classes......

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That's definitely one of my worst night mares.So many of us take several years to complete the prerecs, that I'm nervous at the last second they will add more or not exept some classes due to them being a couple years old. hang in there, in the long term another semester won't seem like a big deal.


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Best of luck to you with all of for the entrance exam for sure!!! Don't you worry, it will happen!!!

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