group management project- need HELP please!


Hello everyone. New to this group! We are doing a group management project on our local hospital's patient smoking cessation. I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide your hospital's policy so we can see how nurses are supported, the doc 'buy-in', etc. It is part of the project to try to get a few to see how other hospitals are doing it!

Thank you so much in advance!

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Have you contacted all the facilities around where you live already? Spoken with the nurses involved in implementing these sorts of programs in other institutions?

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Most employees aren't able to post facility policies on a public message board. But if you contacted a local hospital in your area they may be willing to give a student copies of policies & information.

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I would also look at the hospitals website. They normally offer smoking cessation classes and will have some information for you to utilize...such as support groups. Reach out to area occupation health nurse. Doesn't necessarily have to be a hospital. Bigger businesses have them.

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Just thought of another resource. Public health nurses at a city/county health department.

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cannot publish a policy but can tell you that Joint Commission expects hospitals to have a smoking policy. Look on their site to see if they have any standards or guidelines.