Greenville, Columbia, or Charleston?

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Hello all! I am a pre-nursing student in Charlotte but have not been able to get into a nursing program here - been trying for about 2 years now. I applied to Trident Tech on a whim and got accepted into the Spring 2011 class but am also debating about applying to schools in Columbia and Greenville. I haven't started looking into ADN programs there yet but am curious as to which city may have better schools (out of the 3) and which area may have more opportunity for part-time employment while in school (I'm currently a phlebotomist).

Thanks for your input!


We did lose several people the first qtr...some things come easier for some than for others. There are a lot of people that have healthcare experience and far less that have none. There are only 3 in my class that have none, me included. There are also a couple of teachers that we had 1st qtr. that you all don't have. My class and the class ahead of us have all lost people each qtr. so far. So, just stay up on everything. Thanks and good luck to you too!

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Thank you for that info! lol Well today went well for wasnt too bad. I am staying on top of it..and it helps that i do have some healthcare experience too. Well maybe we will meet on the campus or meet during a NSNA meeting if your involved.

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