Great Resource for A&P Lab practical.


Ok so I know it's a little late, but I just found this great resource for Anatomy and Physiology. It's a book called The Home Lab by Issac/Ruthney. You can get at Amazon for 25.00 It is a book with detailed photos of all of those lab models that we are tested on. For me personally about 95% percent of my lab material is in this book. I have one lab practical left and I had this book sent overnight so I can study the nervous system and special senses. The answers are at the bottom of the page so you can quiz yourself. If your done with A&P 1 don't worry it covers A&P 2 also.

Sorry if this is info that has been discussed before.


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That looks like a great resource. I like that it has the lab models. Thanks! I bookmarked it, I may get it for AP2


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wow! thanks so much for this book suggestion! i am going to order it right now! i am signed up to take A&P 1 in the spring. i already purchased my text books for class and have been reading them and making notes already.


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The coloring book really helped me with the skeletal system. This book (now that I'm studying more) even has the disection models, like the sheep eye, brain, heart (like we are doing in class) It is really a great book, just like a home lab. lol. For all you taking A&P 1 it even has the muscle guys, which I wish I had when I was studying the muscular system.


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I decided to bump this thread because summer school will be starting soon. A lot of people don't know about this but it has really helped through A&P. Just a fyi.

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