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How difficult are the GRE and MCAT. I plan on entering nursing school pretty soon and although that is a long way from a CRNA program, I was wondering how hard are these exams?


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Never took the MCAT, don't need it for CRNA school. Maybe you mean the MAT? I never took the MAT. The GRE isn't bad. I didn't study at all and made a 1030, and I haven't taken a math since my freshman year in college. Its high school based math questions with a little twist to make you think a little more. A GRE score of 1000 is the average graduate student score across all fields entering into any graduate program. I would compare a score of 1000 on the GRE is equilvalent to an ACT score of 21.


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MCAT is for med school


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GRE isnt bad at all depending on what score you are shooting for. The math (quantitative) is quite easier compared to the verbal section.

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Took both the MAT (if that is what you are referring to) and GRE. It is not terribly difficult, but I've known bright people to do bad and not so bright people to do well.

I disagree with 1000 on GRE = 21 on ACT though. I would think more along 26. To elaborate on that, an average ACT score is 21. This is for all high school students (not the brightest bunch) taking the test. Since the GRE is taken by individuals pursuing grad school, thus more likely a higher caliber, the average is skewed. So the average high school student who made a 21 is likely to be below average when testing against an overall smarter group. I would say 1000 is more like a 25-26 ACT.

But to say that 21 ACT = 1000 GRE because they are the average scores for that test would be true.

I suppose my point is if you made a 21 on the ACT, you need to work a lil' harder to make 1000 on the GRE.


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get a good review book with practice tests that teaches gre strategy and good set of flash cards to learn gre words. Devote your time to the study materials and the test score will take care of itself

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