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Sassy Pants

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I'm going to the early orientation. I've got my CPR cert, also. aadams, if you want to knock the hep shots out quickly, go to the Nelson-Tebedo clinic in Dallas. It is at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton. They mainly do HIV testing, but offer a few other services. Each vaccine is only $20, and the remainder of your series can be completed in 2 or 3 weeks. Can't wait to meet everyone!


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Congrats everyone!!! Quick ? Are we required to have Hepatitis A or is that just for the bridge/ RN program? Thanks so much:-)


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Hey there everyone! I got accepted as well for the LVN program. I just found this site. I am so excited for the orientation next week!!! Just thought I would make a post considereing you guys will soon be my classmates!!!! Congrats to all!!!:)


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Good for you!! I am going to the 1-5pm orientation time....what about u?


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Hey guys congrats on getting into the nursing program at grayson, it's an awesome program. My name is Melissa, I graduate from the LVN program this Friday! I was wondering if any of you guys were interested in buying any of my books from this year... if you are let me know & we can work out some kind of deal.

Congrats guys, it will be a rough but awesome year!

My email is if you wanna know about the books.