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I'm just wondering if anyone has applied I'm in the middle of sending my final transcript (finally finished Math 30 pure) and I'm applying as post secondary. I really wanted to get into the fall but it was full by the time I applied January feels kind of awkward to start school. Anyways.

Post here if you've applied and with what GPA. Maybe we can help each other out with the waiting :)

Thank you 7angeldust

I was a bit confused about the interview, do I have to get interviewed to attend BSN. I also applied for January 2013, I was intending to apply September but the program was closed.

Really excited and kinda nervous!!! I was told the results would come in mid September by Macewn.

Lool I just realized that just because that other school get interviews doesn't mean Macewan does the same ( brain fart )

It's good to meet someelse applying finally!! Lol! Nope there arent any interviews at Macewan it's strictly GPA (if there was i'd probably fail). I'm really excited and nervous too the last time I spoke with admissions I was told I should check my account in the middle of September for updates. Are you applying as highschool or post secondary? My GPA is fairly good and I aced math 30 Pure with an 89% so I'm hoping that's good enough. I'm just really nervous because the last information session I attended was so packed that I had to sit on the floor xD so I bet there will be tons of competition this winter.

As soon as I get some sort of acceptance I'll start with the CPR, crimal record check and all of that.

I'm applying from high school and my marks are ok. I have an 84% in biology 30, 89% in chemistry 30 and my math is an 81%

At this point all I could do is pray and be patient. Yea it's smart to do the CPR , criminal check up and everything else as soon as possible. Now that you mentioned how packed and competitive it is I'm kinda nervous. I was planning on going to UofA but when I heard the class sizes( 200) I decided Macewan would be best.

Ugh the wait time is killin me!!!!! I applied in June, when did you apply?

So the classes start January 2 end in April, and then do they resume in September ? because then it means that we have almost 5 months of summer!!!!

Your marks are stellar, As long as you have 5 courses that average out over 80% you should be fine.

I applied in March. I also applied to UofA but my friend started there last year and she absolutely hates it and is trying to transfer out, she told me the facility is very disorganized but her chief complaint was that the teaching style does not suit her at all, CBL. She said her classes arent lectures but instead they break off into small groups discuss an issue, go home research and present the findings to the group.

Our program goes from Jan-April and then we start again in Sept it's a bit strange but I think i'll get a job for the entire summer or maybe even get a hca position.

Thanks, I'm working now I was planning on quitting for school, but I don't want to go looking for a job every summer. I'm gonna cut my hours short and by short I mean only working Friday evenings/ nights.

Do you know the time table ( hours of class) or does it change regularly. I'm most likely gonna be taking a bus to school, finding a parking lot downtown can be a real pain! what bus do u recommend from northgate to the Robinson center( btw that place is really nice I went there for a diploma prep and it was beautiful)

Yea I heard from a couple of friends that the UofA is more lecture based and at Macewan it's more hands on skill which is wayy better, Most people I know attend UofA for names sake. It's the university named after a whole province!

I have a friend of mine she applied to winter 2013 BSN and she has over 65% but less than 75% I told her about how you said that the sessions were soo packed there were no seats available and now she lost all hope. I'm kinda nervous myself!

I hope we both get accepted! I'll let you know if I get anything in the mail/ email

I have a friend who works as a Nursing attendant in the summers and makes about $17/hr so maybe you can do that but I think that's an option only after second year. I'm not sure what our schedule will be since everyones will be different in my case I've already done almost half of the prerequisites I've done Anatomy, Stats, microbiology, Pysch and English so in Jan i'll only be in 3 classes while people out of high school will be taking a full course load (5 classes, each term) but I do know that people who are accepted earlier have first choice on their schedule as classes tend to fill up fast.

If you do have time and arent taking classes I would buy the anatomyphsyiology textbook and just read through it occasionally that class was ridiculously hard, not the material itself necessarily but just the amount of time i had to dedicate to it. Microbiology we won't take untill september but that's also alot of memorization

As far as the bus I drive so I'm not sure but you can check google maps and it'll show you the best bus routes.

I would tell your friend to be optimistic when I attended the info session we were basically told if your average was 80% or higher you were most likely accepted but if you are 70-79.9% you go on a wait list and if someone decides not attend they may accept you.

I'll keep you updated too I'm always checking my account for updates.

WOW!! Five classes seems a lot!! Biology is my favorite subject so I have a feeling that I'll like anatomy and microbiology. In high school math was a real struggle for me I'm gonna need extra help in stats for sure. I'm hoping that there is extra help like tutoring for students.

anatomyphsyiology sounds interesting. I'm gonna try to purchase and look into the textbook if I have time, I'm actually working everyday at the moment so it's hard to find free time.

I heard from a girl I know, her friend dropped out of the BSN she said there is so much vocabulary that needs to be memorized. I actually enjoy studying So i hope it goes well

Do you know how may applicants they take per semester? I know the class sizes will be smaller then UofA but by how much?

I found anatomy to be straight memorization especially in the lab portion. Whereas physiology was more understanding but still had memorization. Did you do well on the probability unit in Math 30 pure, that's essentially what stats is less about numbers and more about following rules, definitions and patterns/trends. It's not as hard as people say if you do your readings everyday and keep up.

But what I can't stress enough is to make friends with as much people who wants to succeed as much as you do. In anatomy I got screwed with a lab partner who really didnt help me at all. It's was really hard to finish everything we needed to finish when one person is doing all the work. But yeah try to make lots of friends, you'll need them later for study groups or other things.

In the information session they said that they had 1000+ applications and they only had 190 seats to offer. The class sizes at Macewan are smaller I took some of my prereqs at UofA and my anatomy class had about 350 people in it but that's because it's open to the entire university and you don't need to be in Nursing to take it whereas the Macewan anatomy (called Nurs104) you actually need to be in the faculty to take the course which obviously leads to a smaller clas size/

Im good with memorization, in math 30 I did okay in probability but I needed extra help to fully understand.

I'm good at making friends. So far it's you and my friend with the average marks that I know.

Yes I know the feeling were lab partner does no work or relies on you to do all the work and complete the assignment. I really hate when that happens.

I'm thinking of making small study circles with dedicated people when I start. I'm also hoping for small classes were the teacher knows me , but not as another face in the crowd. I was taught by my university friends get the instructor to know you and always ask questions.

One of my friends is taking bachelor of science at Macewan and she is in stats, would it be the same as the stat. Class I'm taking For nursing ?

Yep its the same stats class if you can try and get that class done before year 2. Anyways have you heard anything yet on your account? Mine still says pending highschool transcripts even though ive sent them a month and a half ago.

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