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As a Pediatric nurse, the usual rewards you receive are the smiles and hugs from the children. But usually, in the hospital setting, they are not well enough or are still too afraid of the situation to show them to you. This was different last year.

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Grama Nancy

We were extremely busy with all the RSV and Flu patients. I was notified of an admission of a 'seizure' 2-year-old. We hurried to set up the room and have things ready for this child. When she and her parents came to the unit, I assessed the child was fine but the parents were just a mess, worried sick with their child. After making sure the child was stable, I started with the parents.

The parents had many, many appropriate questions r/t the seizure. After listening to all the symptoms and looking at the ER papers, I had agreed to the diagnosis of a febrile seizure. I explained all about febrile seizures and gave the parents a flier on them. I stayed in the room as much as possible that noc, to lessen the fears of the parents. The child slept all noc with no increase of temperature and no seizures. The child was dismissed in the AM.

Two weeks later I received a call for an admission of a 'febrile seizure 2-year-old. Until the child came to the room, I had not realized it was the same child. As the family walked on the unit, the Grama grabbed and hugged me saying 'I'm so glad you are here.'

After the initial assessment, I started talking with the parents. They explained what had happened and said that it was 'exactly as you said it would be.' The little girl was sleeping at this time. I stayed with her so the parents could go downstairs for supper.

As the noc continued, the child became more and more upset. She was hitting the parents and staff, pulling on things, kicking and being very agitated. After a couple of hours of this, the parents were getting extremely tired and tired of the activity. I took the child to another room and just held her and rocked her for an hour or more, till she finally was able to give in to exhaustion.

In the morning the parents awoke and were concerned because their child was not with them. The mother then remembered we told her we were going to take her child out and work with her. They came to the room and saw her in my arms sleeping. The relief on their faces was worth all the bruises from the little girl's kicking.

As I left that morning, the father came to me with a big hug and stated he was so glad I was there the last noc when they were admitted. He told me that 'seeing you there was such a relief---that whatever happened to(his daughter) would have a good outcome.' He also said it was great that I did explain all this the last time, even though he continued to ask the same questions again this time.

As I stated in the beginning, it is the hugs and kisses from the children that keep us going. As I left, the little girl did awaken and asked where her 'Grama Nancy' was.

This definitely brought tears to my eyes and put the 'seal' on being a nurse!!!

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awww! That was so sweet...


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def. would be worth it. Way to make a difference.


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That's a great story! Can't help but wonder though -- how many other patients did you have the nights that you had this patient? One of my biggest frustrations as a nurse is NOT having enough time to spend with each of my patients. I can't imagine being able to spend an entire hour just holding one child, much as I would like to. I work pm's and sometimes days, so maybe it's not as busy on noc's? Just wondering where you work and what kind of ratios you have? I work in CA and our max is 4:1, but it would still be hard for me to find this kind of time to devote to 1 pt.

Anyway, I'm glad that you were able to spend so much time with this pt -- I can certainly understand the family being appreciative!

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nancynurse74, BSN, RN

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I had 3 others that noc, but they were sleeping (Thank GOD for small favors). Usually I do not have the extra time to sit with one for a hour or more. I know exactly what you were saying!!! I am the charge nurse but also take a full load when needed. Sure enjoyed your note. Nanc

Chaz C.

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Days like those are too few and far between. Savor and treasure it. Makes the other stuff worthwhile.


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yeah it was cool

and defenately a strong attitude

but hope you get the same to do for others and

Juniors of yours also learn the good attitude that u have.

Hope I also learn it and work in the same way

Though i work in Operation Theatre I do not have much time to spend with patients

But I talk to them as I get some time to.

ok thanks anyway.


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yeah i know what u mean

But sometime we can take out sometime to spend with someone

And hope you too get some time to show your care and loving nature

to your patients.

God Bless.