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My best friend and I are graduating from nursing school together in 3 weeks! I want to get her something special that she can keep forever and remind her of our graduation day. I was thinking of getting her a pin that she could stick to her hospital badge that says "I love Nursing" (for those days that she doesn't really love it but needs to remember how we felt in the beginning :) Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'm obviously on a students budget but wanted to know what others might think. TIA!

:balloons: Mary :balloons:

suzy253, RN

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This site has some really cute pins and badge holders with RN.

I think it's a lovely idea what you're doing. Good luck.

Altra, BSN, RN

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Congrats to both of you! I'm a recent grad, and also have a very close friend from school that I dearly miss not seeing every day now.

Best of luck to both of you. :balloons: :)

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I think that anything personalized from you is special and the best gift you can opt for. Let us know what you decide.

Good Luck :)


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congrats on graduation....i'll be done in about 4 weeks.. i would get her something that is special to the 2 of you...she'll definitely feel good when she looks at it

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