I wanted to get some advice. I graduate in May and I would like to work in the OR. How can I get into the OR? Do I have to work Med Surg first?

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that depends on the hospital.. and the staffing

a lot of hospitals won't take new grads straight into the OR..

some will..

2 ppl i graduated nursing school with went straight into the OR..

1 of em on the cardiac transplant team... which im very much envious of...

but.... it really depends on the hospital...

talk to the nursing recruiter and ask if they hire new grads in surgery...

if so... ask if they have any openings...

if so.... say that you would like to be put on the list for consideration...

shows that you really want it....

if they don't hire new grads.. get a job in that hospital.. don't matter where..

and tell the recruiter that you really want to work in the OR and you would be willing to do prn shifts there...

all you gotta do is get your foot in door... or.. well.. scrub room


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I would think that with a nationwide shortage of something like 20,000 OR nurses that there would be a new grad program out there. I just applied to the VA and I put OR as one of my top interest areas as a new grad.

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I think it really depends on the institution. Apply to more than one and make your goals known.


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My hospital does hire new grads, but generally it is new RNs that have worked in the OR as OR techs. The problem is that it costs an incredible amount of money to orient and train an OR RN. So many RNs have completed the training and then left soon after, while the hospital was out $60K/RN. I think part of the problem is that OR RNs, more so than any other area of the hospital, eat their young.

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