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Graduation requirement changes without notice

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Does anybody know the rules on this, my school has changed the last quarter requirements for graduation without any written notice from the last 2 years, we now have a lot harder and much tougher requirements than the class that just graduated two weeks ago, we found out on the first day of class, can they do this??:confused:

Yes, and representatives of your class can also consult an attorney and have that attorney write a letter to the school to force the school to grandfather the present students. I know, because it was done at my school for the class ahead of me.

kgh31386, BSN, MSN, RN

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Yes they can. Be more specific when you say a lot harder and tougher? My school added certain CPE's that needed to be passed that previous classes hadn't done. For example, we took an entire class on dosage calculation our 1st semester, then our 3rd semester into the program...they added a dosage CPE that had to be passed each semester for us. Most of my class was upset because they had already taken a dosage class that new students don't have to take. Plus the students ahead of us didn't have to take it for some reason. That and a few students failed out because of the new dosage CPE. It was so simple, 5 easy problems that were pass/fail. But they still threw a big BIG fit. There were also some classes added such as an ethics or writing class. Some students who had to repeat a course now qualified with the new students and had to take an extra class...bottom line, yes they can add stuff whenever and wherever. does my post halfway make sense? I'm at work and gotta get back to it and typed this all up in a hurry. good luck

Our school has also increased the requirements because the NCLEX changed formats and is now harder to pass. Is that what you are experiencing?