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I'm beyond terrified at what this is going to mean. My birth control has failed. I just found out that I'm pregnant and I graduate in ten weeks. Jobs for new grads here are TIGHT and I've a very good shot at the position I want in the hospital I want. I have children at home so I have to work when I graduate and fin aid is gone. The few at school who know the situation recommend keeping it to myself saying that I don't have to tell anybody, and that they aren't going to ask, but I'm nervous that if I'm not honest it will possibly harm the long career that I hope to have at this facility. Conversely, there are many applicants looking at this same position and if I mention it, I risk being passed over entirely.

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I had two girlfriends in my nursing program that had just found out that they were pregnant right before we graduated. what they did was look for jobs before they started showing. when they interviewed, it never came up that they were pregnant. once they got the job they told their hiring manager that they had just found out that they were pregnant and would work pretty much up until the due date. I hope this helps.

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It is illegal for an employer you ask you about your family, relationship status,health or any personal information like that. So unless you bring it up they shouldn't ask. I don't think its being dishonest at all. You are there for a job which has nothing to do with your pregnancy. If you just found out your pregnant you have plently of time to let our employer know (AFTER you get the position) to prepare for possible time off.

Even if you were 9months and about to pop, they cannot say "Hey are you pregnant?"

Don't mention it.

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I would say don't mention it. They won't know that you knew. You're probably not going to show till about what.... 20 weeks? So in 10 weeks you'll be about 14? If you get the job right at 14-16 weeks... you can wait till you're 18-20 weeks to say something. I don't know if this is the RIGHT thing to do.. but it seems like it is for you and your family. Then you can work till you have the baby, and get back to it after 6 weeks.

Good luck.

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